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ROVR OTTERTUNES Independent Artists' Internet Radio Station
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OtterTunes is a non-profit shoutcast (webcast) radio station specializing in helping talented independent music artists develop their art through exposure to both a wider audience and other artists, run by the creators of OtterComics.

OtterTunes now features a 100% volunteered music (and radio show) format. If you are an independant artist willing to volunteer your music to be broadcast on this radio station, or know someone who would, please contact us. Please note that OtterTunes does not pay royalties due to the status of "non-profit."[1]

Donations are the only source of income for this station. Your donations help keep this station running.
Mixed Signals - Oren Otter
Mixed Signals Comic

American Otter is no longer hosting Evening Stars. This program is now being run by our newest DJ, Other Purplehair.

For your entertainment, it's a jigsaw puzzle featuring the artists and promoters of OtterTunes.

Did you miss any of the goings-on here at the station? Take a trip down memory lane with the archive of... DJ Spots!


OtterTunes is brought to you by:

Phases Websonics Besides independent musicians, OtterTunes is proud to exhibit various independently created radio programs including, but not limited to, Audio Prophecy, Kavern Kitty's Spotlight, Kavern Kitty's Picks of the Week, and on occasion, programs from Phases Websonics which is an audio-oriented part of the Pandora Comics group at OtterComics. You can catch The Fursome Foursome every morning at 8:00 AM MST. Check the schedule for any other programs on special occasions. If you have your own audio show, or have one in the making, do contact us so we can help put you "on the air" at our station!

(All times on this site are Mountain)
08:00 AM Fursome Foursome
08:15 AM New Horizons
 |-01:00 PM Comedy Hour
 |-02:00 PM Audio prophecy
 |-03:00 PM Kavern Kitty's Picks of the Week
 |-04:00 PM Kavern Kitty's Spotlight
 |-05:00 PM Dinner Hour
 |-06:00 PM Mommarox 2
08:00 PM Evening Stars
 |-08:00 PM Techno Hour
 |-09:00 PM Happy Hour
 |-10:00 PM Story Hour
11:00 PM Night Visions
 |-11:00 PM Audio Prophecy
 |-12:00 AM Kavern Kitty's Picks of the Week
 |-01:00 AM Kavern Kitty's Spotlight
 |-02:00 AM Mommarox 2
07:55 AM Signoff
08:00 AM Fursome Foursome
08:15 AM Resonant Discoveries
 |-12:00 PM Christian Hour
 |-01:00 PM Comedy Hour
 |-05:00 PM Dinner Hour
 |-06:00 PM Christian Hour
 |-12:00 AM Christian Hour
 |-06:00 AM Christian Hour
07:55 AM Signoff
OtterTunes DJ's DJ Sample
OtterTunes is:
  • CEO: Oren Otter
  • Night Manager: ChAoS otTeR
  • Executive Assistant: Duo Mousekewitz
  • Finance: Ann Vole
  • Web consultant: Xyie Fourseasons
  • DJ: American Otter
  • DJ (Fictional): All featured in the sampler