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The Fursome Foursome

Your daily Bible reading with cute, furry (and scaly) animals.

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The Readers

Rabbi Yakob Coon
Born an unusually intelligent raccoon cub in Brooklyn, New York, Yakob Coon was raised by a jewish human family. having always found joy in worshipping God, Yakob sought to do so for a living. He studied at the 47 1/2th street synagogue and was there lisenced and ordained. It was years later that having been forbidden to read Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22, the rabbi sought to know why. His investigation brought him to St. Fred's, where he accepted Jesus as his savior and messiah.
Abbot Ignacious Babbit
Abbot Babbit is the Abbot at St. Fred's. The abbot was, until recently, what he now describes as an "uptight ol' codger" until his own pride caused him to become the victim of a curse which turned him into a baby rabbit. Babbit is thankful for the curse, as God has turned it into a gift, changing his attitude and giving him renewed purpose. Babbit was educated in several Benedictine monasteries and was there ordained as a priest. It is through the Abbot's kind accomadation that the Fursome Foursome was able to set up a studio at St. Fred's.
Pastor Oren Otter
Though legally named Eric Vary, Oren uses the title "Pastor Otter" to avoid confusion with his father. Though proud to be a baptist, Oren heads a non-denominational church known as the Christian Furry Fellowship. Under God's direction, Oren established this church in order to reach out to the furry community. Oren has studdied through the Moody Bible Institute and was ordained and lisenced by the Christian Furry Fellowship. Also, it is Oren who provides and operates the equipment on which the program is recorded and broadcast.
Brother Tibb Kadeusus
Tibb Kadeusus is the son of a human transformee and a natural snake. While raised pagan, Tibb desperately sought to know the true God. Believing for many years that God hates snakes, Kadeusus worked desperately to try to gain God's acceptance, studying at numerous Christian academies and even being ordained at the charismatic Church of Raucus Joy. Having come to the understanding that God loved him all along regardless of his species, Brother Kadeusus now seeks to inform others who feel unloved that God loves them, too. Brother Kadeusus is the one who can be heard playing the piano at the beginning and end of each program.
Note: The above characters are fictional, with the exception of Pastor Otter. In actuality, Pastor Otter provides the voices for all four characters.