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ROVR OTTERTUNES Independent Artists' Internet Radio Station
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  1. By submitting any material, you affirm that it is one of the following:
    • Your own, original work
    • A parody
    • A cover done with express permission of the original artist
    • A unique interpretation of a public domain work
    and that you have the right to allow this music to be played on OtterTunes.
  2. Material may not contain obscenity. This includes not only swearing and blasphemy, but also hate speech, sexual references, drug references, advocating crime, excessive violence, hate speech, etc. This is according to our standards, but it's pretty common-sense. We reserve the right to blank or bleep obscenities as we see fit.
  3. We don't really care about the ratings of the rest of your work. However, to maintain our own PG rating, we cannot link to sites containing obscene material. If your site does contain such material, please provide an alternate site or your site will not be listed in the artist directory.
  4. Certain types of behavior will get you banned. Among these: Blocking contact, badmouthing the station or owner, public harassment, trolling, excessive rudeness and so forth.


  1. Artists featured on OtterTunes are entitled to certain perks. Artists may have up to one minute of free advertising a day. Ads must be created and submitted by the artist or a representative. (Meaning no, we won't make the ad for you.)
  2. Artists featured on OtterTunes automatically qualify for membership in OtterTunes 2, the online music archive. Enrollment itself is not automatic. You must submit a request to join the archive and provide information for yourself and each of your featured works. You can find the information required listed on any artist / song page.
  3. OtterTunes is all about promotion. It is therefore assumed that by allowing us to air your work, you are also allowing us to take reasonable measures to promote you, such as featuring you in our YouTube videos and putting your face / album art into promotional art.
  4. OtterTunes is strictly non-profit, operating purely on donated funds. We promise never to sell any of your work except by your express permission.


  1. To submit your work to us, post it somewhere on the web and send us a link using the form below. Do not e-mail us the file. That tends to clog up the mail system really fast.
  2. If your song is a vocal, please send us a copy of the lyrics. If the words are not in English, please provide a translation. Thank you.
  3. Go tell everyone you know to tune into OtterTunes to hear your stuff! The more you do, the better the exposure for everyone.
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