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ROVR OTTERTUNES Independent Artists' Internet Radio Station
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Legal Disclaimer

OtterTunes is a non-profit webcast station. It does not exist to bring in profit, but to showcase budding artists, to advertise other OtterComics services free of charge, and to entertain a very small audience.

I am no expert in the law, but it is my understanding that under the small webcasters settlement act, this station does not meet the definition of a "small webcaster" because we are completely non-profit. (The law is infuriatingly unclear and confusing on this point) It appears that stations which make absolutely no revenue are exempt from requiring a license, those without a license do not qualify as "small webcasters" and are thus exempt from having to pay royalties.

If I am incorrect in this... well, honestly, I'd rather remain ignorant of the fact. However, it is not my intention to slight anyone their due. Therefore, if you are an artist seeking royalties for material aired on this station, you are welcome to contact me at the address below to discuss a fair exchange. I cannot pay money, as this station generates no revenue, but I am more than willing to offer services in kind.

At any rate, please be assured that we have assembled our playlists in good faith.

OtterTunes is not for profit. We do not pay royalties. In fact, we have a strict no royalty policy. By allowing us to play their songs, musicians waive the right to royalties. To insure a clean lineup, we ask that songs with vocals be accompanied by typed-out lyrics.

Note to cover our butts: This station is intended to enhance the viewing pleasure of those visiting our place of business, the Ottercomics.us website. It's not for you to go grabbing the music that we're broadcasting. That's a bad thing to do. Don't do it. We mean it.