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October 9,2008
Ashwind joins! Huzzah!

July 3, 2008
Corruption the Cow joins our little family.

July 2, 2008
Mathgrant joins OtterTunes2. Yippee!
Coming soon: Corruption the Cow

March 19, 2008
Woofy joins OtterTunes2. Huzzah!

November 15,2007
Coming soon:
Doctor Castille, Hugger and Holbrook, Oxhorn, and Slipreal

July 6, 2007
3 songs added to Oren Otter's listing

June 11, 2007
Kiroo joins the OtterTunes2 lineup

June 3, 2007
OtterTunes 2 Officially opens with two artists.


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They say he likes rags, but he wouldn't take muh ol' hankerchiff. -Stinky Bob


I'm really looking forward to meeting this guy.  He looks like a cool... um... squiggle.


Dude.  This guy rocks.  That's what he does, man.  By definition.  - Cliff


The Kiroo unit is a proficient composer and musician. -DJ Unit 13.1


ya know he's gotta be a smart feller if he's got 'math' right in 'is name.  -Stinky Bob


Oh look!  It is being our boss who is not appreciating being anointed with the dung of the sacred cow. -Sirajul


Ooh!  Pretty doggie!  Me wanna pet da pretty doggie! -Mujabur


More artists to come soon.