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Chris Mullins

The hero of our story, Chris Mullins is a novelist who suffers from extreme shyness. He has few close friends, and lives alone in the woods to avoid attention. Chris is a good guy who is happy to help others, but when he learns that he is expected to become not only a superhero but a holiday icon, he wants nothing to do with it.

Mary Anderson

Mary is a professional internet advice columnist. She is the best friend to both Chris and Karol, as well as Karol's roommate. Mary is the level-headed one, always thinking ahead when others are going off half-cocked. Unfortunately, this trait disappears in the air, as Mary is deathly afraid of flying.

Karol Saunders

Sweet, innocent and loving, Karol is definitely the emotional-driven one of the trio. Moderately wealthy, Karol keeps herself busy as a vlogger. Extroverted, she's practically the opposite of introverted Chris. Although she is easily flustered, it's impossible for her to remain upset for long, as she will soon find something to tke joy in.


Spoiler for strip #7.

Cascade is a water spirit who is connected to a lake hidden deep in the woods. Cascade is kind and compassionate. She never harbors malice toward anyone, and finds evil almost a foreign concept. She sees the best in everyone and is perpetually filled with hope.


Spoiler for strip #12.

Peter Oscuro, the baddie of the story. He is the mob boss who is trying to make Christmas the most miserable holiday ever. Oscuro has the same powers as Chris, but he corrupted his heart, and now is powered by the hatred of Christmas.


Spoiler for strip #25.

Horty is a person of ambiguous gender who works in the Latkeville camera shop and has designs on being a famous MyTuber some day. Horty managed to wrangle a job a Whiteout's videographer in exchange for erasing all record of his secret identity from MyTube.

Whiteout's powers





Powers include:
Excellent strength
Excellent Regeneration
Highway speed
Snow creation
Animal empathy
Emotion detection
Silent running
Excellent Endurance
Unlock doors
Powers include:
Remarkable strength
Remarkable regeneratrion
Plane speed
Glowing nose
Create blizard
Basic speaking to animals
Lie detection
Heal light wounds
Remarkable Endurance
Escape artist
Powers include:
Incredible Strength
Incredible regeneration
Supersonic speed
Removable antlers
Nose laser
Snow blast
Intermediate speaking to animals
Stealth mode
Heal moderate wounds
Amazing endurance
Squeeze through small opening
Powers include:
Amazing Strength
Amazing regeneration
Spacecraft speed
Steel-strength antlers
Canon strength laser
Weather control
Advanced animal speech
Heal critical wounds
Monstrous endurance
Powers include:
Monstrous strength
Monstrous regeneration
Light speed
Shrapnel antlers
Nasal death ray
Control and direct weather, including lightning
Command animals
Transformation: Kangaroo
Peekaboo (hiding in plain sight)
Resurrect dead
Unearthly endurance
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