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Otter Island
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Presented by The Riverside Players | Based on Otter Island comics, art, and stories.
Now playing: For Want of a Stone (Part 1 of 2)

Summary: Pan, Picado and Oliver make a strange new friend, while another comes under threat from Nexicul.

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Credits for this episode:

Opening Narration: Chama C. Fox
Story Narration: Oren Otter

Oren Otter: Oren, Amanda, Grant, Sadie
Eala Dubh: Nageel Emperor, Bill, Olivia, Nexicul Mouse, Lady
Ashenfox: Nageel Aide
Kaninus O'Farrel: Gabriel, Malcrum
Wanderer wolf: Pan, Flaire
Robert Phelps: Picado
Max Goof: Oliver, Bingler, Witch
Benny Brownpaws: Benny Brownpaws, Cafe
Ann Vole: Prince Farron, Cafe
Phil Geusz: Nereid

Written by: Oren Otter
Directed By: Eala Dubh
Additional audio engineering: Eala Dubh
Some sound effects provided by: Ann Vole
Musical splicing: Eala Dubh
Theme music: Chama C. Fox
Incidental music: Gratefully borrowed from Paddy Kingsland
Original air date: August 1, 2006


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