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The Lutin Chronicles
Welcome to the home page of The Lutin chronicles, a fantasy series based on the collaborative series Metamor Keep. This site is under construction. Please excuse the spartan appearance.

The Lutin Chronicles, conceived by Oren Otter, is based on Metamor Keep, a story series conceived by copernicus, owned by Chris O'Kane, and written by a myriad of writers.
The Lutin Chronicles focuses on Captain Kayrok, an officer in the lutin army whose defeat in battle has disgraced his name throughout the lutin army. Assigned a company of rejects and misfits, Kayrok has been shipped off to the furthest reaches of the forest darkness and given the impossible task of digging a pass through the mountains into the southlands, a task at which he is expected to die trying.

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Penance and Retribution
Penance and Retribution is the story from Metamor Keep which introduces Kayrok and the first members of the Omega Company.
Vengeance and Release, part 1
Vengeance and Release, part 2
The Goblin and the Unicorn
Surrender and Victory
They Who Went Before
Blood From a Stone
The Invisible Killer
One of our Unicorns is Missing
Unseen Power
Keep of the Ancients
An Ponies!
The Goblins Who Saved Solstice
A Goblin Scorned
Lurker In the Deep
Trial By Fire
Enemy Sun
Darkness From Beyond
Chains of Command
Coming Soon: A Distant Thunder
Coming Soon: The Day the Castle Came to Play
Coming Soon: Second Thoughts
Coming Soon: Revenge of the Darklings
Coming Soon: Metamor Foes
Coming Soon: Firecones

Area Maps

The Alpha Omega Federation
As of the end of chapter 19
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The Forest of Darkness
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