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You can't get the wood, you know.
Would you like a gorilla?
Ying tong iddle I po
You silly, twisted boy.
Yew rotten swine, yew!
Scrimson and Scramson
The Goon Show is property
of the BBC and has been
adapted without the
authorization of the creators.
Understandable, I think, as
they're all deaded and if they
were alive, they'd probably
have better things to worry
about anyhow.
This is the Highly Esteemed Goon Show.
The story you are reading is
an adaptation of "The Nadger Plague",
originally broadcast on
Oct 18, 1956.
The Goon Show is a radio show starring
Harry Secombe,
Spike Milligan and Peter Sellars,
so you know it's gotta be funny.
Hear the original version of this story.

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