All About Goons

What is the goon show?

It's a British radio comedy. Didn't you read the first page? Good grief. Start paying attention.
The Goon Show was a program aired in the 50's featuring Harry Secombe as Ned Seagoon, a feisty, gregarious, over-the top fellow who would find himself in all sorts of crazy situations. Accompanying Harry were Peter Sellars and Spike Milligan, who played every other part.
The Goon Show was a bit like the muppet show in that it featured a regular cast of characters, but the characters would fit into new roles every week.
Each episode would also include two musical numbers; one by harmonica master Max Geldray and one by jazz singer Ray Ellington and his quartet.

Who are the goons?

So glad you asked. Here are some of the most prominent characters.
Ned Seagoon- the main character. Short and round, but a powerful personality.
Wallace Greenslade- The announcer.
Mad Dan Eccles- The goofy fellow who talks to the trees and lives in a dog kennel.
Bluebottle- Eccles' playmate. A boy scout who always reads his stage direction and who dies in nearly every episode.
Minnie Banister- Elderly lady who likes to groove to "those wicked modern type rythms".
Henry Crun- The old curmudgeon who always seems to be arguing with Minnie.
Major Dennis Bloodnok- A tried and true coward and dutiful moneygrubber.
Hercules Gryfpype Thynne- Normally the villian. He's always trying to swindle Neddie.
Count Jim Moriarity- The steaming Frenchman who's always in on Gryfpype's wicked schemes.
Jim (Or Adolphus) Spriggs- a fast talker who calls everyone Jim and likes to sing his words.

Can we see them?


The cast by Spike Milligan whose sketches were modified into the characters you will see in this comic.

My interperetation of the cast.

Have a Gorilla?

"I'd like to take out another insurance policy."

This could be from the Christmas pudding episode, but it isn't.

Loading canonballs with Brown Windsor Soup.

An average day with Bluebottle and Eccles.

A scene from "The Nadger Plague".

Who are you?

I'm Oren Otter. You can contact me at I became interested in the Goon Show when my inker and friend Eala Dubh sent me the episode "The Yehti". Since then, we have been collecting Goon Shows together. This site is dedicated to him in thanks for getting me hooked.

Do you get paid for this?

Nope. This is purely for fun and entertainment.

Who owns the Goon Show?

That would be the BBC. All legal messes go directly to them.

Where can I find more of the Goon Show?

For that question, I'd say check out the links page.