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Tommy & PJ webcomic

Tommy and P.J.
Created by
Oren Otter

More Information

Welcome to Tommy and P.J., the strip that combines the imagination of youth with Barlowe's guide to extra-terrestrials.

Tommy and P.J. first appeared in the Julesburg Advocate around 1991, and ran for about six months. It was drawn by the CEO of intense Comics, Eric Vary. Then, in January of 2000, the strip was revived by Oren Otter. Fortunately, the original artist didn't mind, probably owing to the fact that they're the same guy.

The story premise:

Tommy, whose real name is Tommio Tomias, is a young Venusian boy who is evacuated to another planet as global warming makes his homeworld uninhabbitable. Now he must learn to live on a strange, alien world with bizarre life-forms for neighbors, including humans, the strangest aliens of all.

Tommy's companion on this alien oddessy is a plush rat named P.J. who comes to life by the power of imagination. Together, the two of them have hillarious misadventures both real and imagined.

The sci-fi backstory:

Tommy and P.J. is set in the Intense Universe, wherein the Venusian people have their own, unique history. Many thousands of years ago, explorers from Earth, using technology which has been long since forgotten, colonized the planet Venus. At that time, the planet was cool, moist and fertile. However, the heavy CO2 content of the atmosphere threatened to leave the colonists suffocating. In order to survive, the colonists merged their bodies with those of plants, creating a race of beings called the "sithons", who would later give rise to the Vegetalien species.

Thousands of years later, their ancient origins forgotten, the Vegetaliens lived and thrived in a society which paralelled that of Earth, until the industrial revolution tipped the ecological scales, bringing about a greenhouse effect which warmed the planet until by the end of the 20th century, the surface was uninhabitable.

It was Xanthus Tomias who first made contact with other worlds. His explorations to neighboring planets directly resulted in the formation of the United Federation of Worlds. The Federation then began working feverishly to save Venus.

Xanthus and his wife, Daphne, were then chosen to be part of a select group of colonists who would populate the newly inhabited planet Procyon 4, called Procyon for short. Meanwhile, the fate of Venus hangs in uncertainty.

The Characters

Tommy Tomias
An overactive child with an overactive imagination, Tommy is always getting himself into all kinds of trouble, both real and imagined.

Lyn PJ
Though originally a plush toy from Santa's workshop animated only by Tommy's imagination, PJ later became real when his character was adopted by a newborn android.

Paul Barnabus
This human boy lost his feet to gangrene while living homeless on Earth. He now has bionic feet, which he uses in endless hours of play with Tommy.

Zuni Vier
A cavalier from Xequephez whose cleverness is matched only by her short temper.

Xan Tomias
Tommy's father, the first vegetalien to visit Earth, is an engineer who has an unnatural fascination with spacecraft engines.

Daphne Tomias
Tommy's mother, a meteorologist whose level headedness tends to keep things calmer than they might be, at least until her weak constitution gets the better of her.