1. There are three ways to get a story on mare Librarium. The first is to post it on the ML forum. Any story posted on the ML forum is considered fair game to be archived here. The second is to send it to me. My address is orenotter2ATyahooDOTcom. The third is to post it to the mailing list, once we have a mailing list, which as yet, we don't.

2. Writers have standing permission to write about any comic, feature or sonic done by Oren Otter, Fnaire Antbear, Woofy Peterson, Owlguin Takanawa, ChAoS oTtEr, Amanda Otter, Kitty Tentien, Felice Folmer or the Riverside Players. Owners of the original features have the right to mark any story utilizing their work as canon or non-canon. Stories we accept are not necessarily limited to stories about Pandora features, however. There is actually no loimitation on genre, and we will archive whatever we like.

3. The site master(s) has sole discretion over which stories are archived, so no whining if you don't make it in.

4. All work must be original. That means no using someone else's stuff without their express permission. There are a few exceptions. Standard parody rules apply. Another artist's work may be cited in an open-setting series. References may be made to works over 100 years old. And of course, if the work includes a band, it's okay to have them play a popular song in the course of the story. However, in-lining at unaltered MP3 from the original artist as part of the story is not kosher. At least speed it up to make it sound like chipmunks. That's okay.

5. No profanity. If you're not sure what's profane, ask me. This includes: Cussing, particularly the F-word, the S-word, the D-word and the P-word. No blasphemy. That includes such phrases as "Oh my god!" and "Jesus H. Christ!" (Think about it, would you want God using YOUR name as a swear word?) No pornographic material. That doesn't mean no sex. It means that I don't want stories glamorizing promiscuity, fornication, etc. Stories depicting proper sex are acceptable, as long as the scenes don't happen "on camera". (In other words, a husband and wife behind a closed door.) No hate-mongering, no idolatry, no demon-worship, no inciting world wars... I think that covers everything. Further details are in the decency rules for this site.

6. No slaughtering. It is not right to rip a story to shreds just for the sake of ripping a story to shreds. Slaughteres will be banned from the forum and mailing list.

7. No Plibnarians. Nobody likes Plibnarians.

8. No re-posting of material on the site, forum or list, except by site personel.

9. Remember to always say "please" and "thank you".

10. Close the door behind you, always. We're not providing air for the entire moon.

Thank you.