Mare Libraria

Mare Libraria is an anthropomorphic nightmare who lives on the moon and works as a librarian in Mare Librarium. Should visitors to the library fall asleep, Libraria may use her telepathic powers to bring stories from the library to life in their dreams.

Once employed to bring bad dreams to people of the Room For One More world, Libraria grew frustrated with the nasty reception she got from her clients. After a brief stint at closet Monsters Ltd., which was pretty much the same, Libraria moved to the moon, having been intrigued by the sea bearing her name. There, she built the first lunar library where she works to this day.

Favorite genres:
Sci-fi, fantasy, humor, romance, western, action/intrigue, mystery, juvenile, true crime, young adult, comic, biography, historical, classic, how-to, cookbook, music, self-help, educational and miscelaneous.