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And her plushie friends

Created by Xan Folmer | Drawn by Amanda Vary (with a little help from Dad)

Cast list

Name: Amanda
Species: Toy otter
Origin: Amanda was hand-stitched by her father, Oren.
Amanda is a sweet-natured girl and a natural born leader, but she is also prone to making mistakes like walking in on vicious monsters. Amanda is also a powerful telepath.

Name: PJ
Species: Android rat
Origin: Originally, PJ was a stuffed toy created as part of an experiment in Santa's workshop. He was given to a venusian child named Tommy Tomias, in whose ownership he was upgraded to an android.
PJ is the "sensible" one. Though he likes to be playful, he's the first to notice when something isn't quite right.

Name: Xan
Species: Mixed-breed armadillo
Origin: Xan is a transformed human. He was turned into an Armadillo when he got too close to something Uncle Oren brought home from work.
Amanda's cousin Xan isn't a plushie, but he gets along well with plushies. As a pink and white armadillo, he has the proportionate strength of an insectivore... whatever that is. Xan is also very cool. He told me to say that.

Name: Neko
Species: Toy cat
Origin: Neko was given to Xan when he was little to protect him from monsters at night.
Neko is plain and unassuming, but he is fiercely protective of his friends and their doings. He is especially good friends with Tally. Since he is a black cat, his enemies become very unlucky.

Name: Tally
Species: Toy dragon
Origin: Tally was sewn by Amanda's aunt Felice.
Tally is very easygoing and glides through life with minimal drag. He's best friends with Tally and hates cute. Can fly, of course.

Name: Woof
Species: Toy pokemon
Origin: Woof is a licenced product of Nintenjitsu.
Sullen and somber most of the time, He is also prone to bouts of jumping around and yelling "whoopee!"

Name: Captain Muppet
Species: Humanoid puppet
Origin: Unknown. Possibly an escapee from the CTW.
Captain Muppet is a slightly egocentric superhero type who is justifiably proud of his power to mimic the abilities of any puppet.

Name: Eckert
Species: Toy bat
Origin: Eckert was created in Santa's workshop as part of the same experiment which produced PJ. Upon learning of all the many unloved orphan plushies sitting in the used toy store, the cast decided to perform an act of pity and adopt the stupidest, ugliest one.
Not very bright. His personal heroes include Goofy, Eccles the goon and Killer Condor. Loves hanging with his brother, PJ, much to PJ's chagrin.

Name: Sira
Species: Weasel/Human hybrid
Origin: Sira met Amanda in "The Changing Workplace" and they have been best friends ever since.
Also not a plushie, Sira is Amanda's best friend. Together, the two of them can get into terrible mischief. Sira happens to be a very powerful telekinetic.

Name: Fruit Pie
Species: Pie/Pony
Origin: Amanda created Fruit Pie as part of the Plushie Teen Dinner Squad in order to boost ratings. Unhappy with his appearance, Pie asked for the ability to transform into a lumberjack pony.
Fruit Pie is always miserable and grumpy. He's only happy when he's unhappy.

Name: Burger-Man, Fry Head and Ms. Cola
Species: Sandwich, Fries, Soda.
Origin: Amanda created the Plushie Teen Dinner Squad to help the strip appeal to an older audience. She also gave them the ability to turn into a chicken, a weasel and a cow, respectively.
Though the most powerful of the squad with his lightning-nose, Fry-head is rather apathetic. Burger-Man has his shape-shifting powers, but is usually too distracted to use them for anything constructive. It's Ms. Cola who has all the enthusiasm, but her power of shooting cola out of her straw tends to get a bit messy.

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