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And her plushie friends

Created by Xan Folmer | Drawn by Amanda Vary (with a little help from Dad)

About The Artists

Amanda Vary, artist. Email
My name is Amanda and I am a little toy otter. My daddy made me on June 17, 1999. Some day I hope I can become a real little girl. I live in Julesburg, Colorado and I like to go swimming but I have to hang on the clothes line to dry when I'm done. I like to write and draw my comic strip but my cousin Xan helps me a lot.

Xan Folmer, creator. E-mail
Xan, or Alyx to his friends, goes to Platte Valley Elementary in Sedgwick Colorado. His classmates are Josh, Chuy, Mike, Jon, Kodi, Koby and a bunch of other people who don't actually believe he's a cartoonist. He was born in Washington D.C. in 1989, November 29th. He has an IQ of 155. Pretty impressive, huh?

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