The Cast

Main Characters

Specialist Anna Charity Webb
A believer in hard work, Anna is very pleasant to be around, but extremely conservative and not very adventurous. She is a very right-leaning person. Despite being complete opposites, Laura and Ana have been best friends since kindergarten, and think the world of each other.
Specialist Laura Hannah Williams
A left-leaning,. generous but lazy girl. She's entitled, believing everything should be free for everyone. She donates blood often in keeping with her philosophy. Laura is an incurable sneak and knows all of the ship's secret passages. It's Laura who first discovers that the captain is mad.
Private Richard James Richtov
A Starhawk pilot in training. RJ is rather full of himself, as wellk as a mix of hormones, and is not shy about pursuing females of any species. His confidence is justified, though, as he is frighteningly intelligent, sufficiently so to hack into the private files of the president of the Solar System.
Petty Officer Shekov Prokofiev
A good natured tiger who just wants to be friends with everyone. He works in engineering and is probably the most competent person there, and will be the first to admit that he doesn't understand thw engine design at all. Shekov was the first to find Aturu.
Sergeant Gertrude Salvion
A thoroughly impressive individual who doesn't let a lack of arms and lags hold her back. Gertrude is an excellent starhawk pilot and kicks butt at video games. She's also very kind and helpful, even when helping others means potential trouble.
Captain Oscar Marion Idasu
A very likeable man, and very good at his job. He was a pilot during a recent war, and a mechanical malfunction resulted in his ship taking the lives of many at Chariklo. Since then, Idasu has experienced episodes of halucination during which he is tormented by the souls of the dead.
Many more characters to be added in the near future.

Ranks and uniforms

The Alpha Centauri is by necessity independent of any branch of service in the Solar System. Therefore, they have their own ranking system and uniforms.
Crew functions are separated into nine categories, signified by varying colors of trim.