The Cast

Main Characters

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Norman Adams
SPOILER ALERT Norman thought he was an ordinary human. The day he set out to find his first job, he was employed at a magical knick-knack shop due to testining positive as a werwolf. He soon found himself rooming with a werewolf pack, trying to pass himself off as one of them. One cursed ring later, he was indeed turning into a wolfman... or rather, a wolfwoman. Norman is learning all about his late parents, their flight from transylvania, his fate as a genetically defective werewolf, and about the monsters inhabiting his hometown of Actaeon Hills. But is this history really what happoened? Or is a cursed ring rewriting his timeline?
Peter Amundsen
Peter is the alpha of the wolf pack. He works at the book store. Peter is a lupus, meaning he was born to wolf parents. He grew up in arctic conditions, and gets grumpy in the heat. Being a lupus, Peter often crushes on the lady dogs around Actaeon hills, but as yet remains single.
Rashel Jackson
The least aggressive one in the pack, Rashel just wants to see that everyone is happy and well fed. She works in the butcher shop, and the only time she's been known to get cranky is when a hunter brought in prey to be butchered while it was still alive... and speaking English. Rashel is a homid, meaning that she was raised as a human, which might explain why she acts so civilized.
Chao Feng Song
The pack's chef, Chao Feng works as a short order cook in a Chinese restaurant. Chao Feng is the master of the secret insult, sneaking in a dig in Chinese and hiding it behing a smile. Hiding is what Chao Feng does best, having spent his childhood evading the authorities in communist China.
Jacob Anchovy
The I.T. guy. Jacob works in a tech store, where he wrestles with his chronic desire to strangle the incompetent. Jacob is pretty secretive. Even his packmates don't know whether he's a homid or a lupus.
Sinead O'Shea
This Irish lass has the hottest temper, and she's not above eating her co-workers. Sinead works in a video store, where she has apparently swallowed an abusive leprechaun more than once.
Many more characters to be added in the near future.