Yep, I write too. I havent really worked on anything lately, but everynow and then I'll write something up.

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 The Mobian/Lytian War
The Mobian/Lytian War is a story that I had started even before I even dreamed of doing a comic. I had just hooked up with a StarFox oreinted group/rpg game, called the Wolfblazers. The story is a Cross-Over between my Sonic-version self and Mobius with The Wolfblazers and Starfox. I have yet to figure out how this story will go, but it's coming out great! I hope you like it. And if you have any suggestions or if you find any mistakes, please let me know so I can fix them.
Many famous characters in this story. Such as Bookshire Draftwood, The Knothole Freedom Fighters, Team StarFox, The Wolfblazers, and The Victory's Cliff Freedom Fighters. Oh and all are copyrighted by there respective owners. If you have any questions on who owns what characters, please contact me for info. Or look at my legal page. Please I don't need lawyers.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Inventing The Course
Inventing The Course is a short story I wrote during Boot Camp for the Anthrocon '02 Conbook. I hope it makes it in. I will find out soon on that on. The theme for the con in '02 was Inventions. Its about a raccoon that is in charge of developing something to change the way wars are fought.

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