News Files!

Heres all the old news I added every time I did an update. You can read them if you want. Enjoy!

(4/29/05)- Oh God... I didn't know the Gneech was gonna link my SITE lol.. got to get this place cleaned up. lol haven't touched it since the election! **runs around insane and then explodes**

(10/21/04) - I'm pissed at world events. But maybe its just cause I was fighting to save it and theres those out there that are trying to stop that. But anyways. heres some art, I'm really busy cause of Midterms and FurFright right now. Cya soon.

(08/28/04) - Alright. We're off. ^^ Time to get back to the story. Oh and btw yesterday I signed up for Dark Ages of Camelot. I decided it was worth playing while I waited for World Of Warcraft... well that night they opened the stress test for WoW to any one that has a subscribtion for Well I jumped at the chance to get into the beta for WoW. To bad I didn't realize that it was only a 7 day test and that was the end. >< So I do look forward to trying the game.... but I'm alittle pissed that I had to pay $16 for only 7 days of play. And with school starting next week, it doesn't sound like I'll get much play time into those 7 days. But oh well. I'll see if I can't get some screenshots out of it for ya'll anyways. Well good bye for now. And besure to check the art page soon. I've got lots of sketches I've been working on, so I'll have them in there ASAP.

(07/06/04) - Wow, its been a hell of a long time since I was able to last update. I got to make this quick but heres the skinny. I'm back from Iraq (See GWS for info, stories, and comics). I was in a funk and for some reason couldn't draw anything. I was planning on updating finally on July 4, but unfortunately my lovely Umax Astra 3450 scanner decided to die on me. So I ran out today to buy a new one. But its late right now, and I got to get ready for AnthroCon 04 which is in 2 days. ^^ So can't wait.

Oh and theres a contest. Anyone that can find me at AnthroCon this year and mentions this ad gets a FREE Con badge by me.  Now depending on the amount of people that find me and the day they find me will decide when you will get it.  If I have to I will snail mail it to you after the con. But you will get a con badge.

Well I'll cya there. Its great to be back. Oh and next strip will start the REAL Victory's Cliff Story Line. I'm skippin the training story line and jumpin right in to it. I've been workin on the story line during my free time in Iraq so I got quite a show for ya'll. Cya soon.

Pre-Operation Iraqi Freedom News

(01/15/03) - New Look... to bad I cant't Finish it. Unfortunately, I got to go away for a LONG while.. maybe even 2 years.. yep. the Army needs me.

(09/14/02) - Hehe... today's strip is about my friend Deletio... and yes, Dave, I know the CTRL+ALT+Deletio joke is over used, but I thought it fit nicely here lol.

(09/11/02) - **sigh** Its back again. I just hope that its uneventful unlike last year. In other news... yesterday was my one year aniversary for Victory's Cliff... some how though it just wasn't as fun as it should have been. Cya this weekend.
(09/01/02) - Sorry I'm late. I would have had it up earlier, but I went to a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Tournament in Danbury, CT Saturday. Needless to say, I got my tail whooped! >=P

But today's comic is extra long. Oh and VC's 1 year anniversary is coming up. Sadly this also means that 9/11 is almost hear again. I pray that it won't be like last year.
(08/25/02) - Hi, everyone. I'm back from my trip with the army. While I was gone I was able to get some drawling done, but not much. And thanks to reality's liking to nail me just when I DON'T need it, I now have some college worries to figure out... AND FAST! (ps- if you know anything about college, PLZ SAVE ME!! e-mail, IM, magic spell. Anything I'm getting desprate lol)

Anyways, thank you Fiona, for the past 2 comics. I owe ya. And as for this weekends comics I will try to get up ASAP. If not that, then deffiently next weekend.
And sorry I didn't notice your comic sooner Brittany. Gornul hid it one me. lol. Thank you too for all the help here!
Oh and where was I for the past 2 weeks? Block Island, RI. A resort island! My unit and a few others practiced our CA skillz out there and that was like the best CA training most of us ever got since it was so close to the real thing. But even though I had fun out there, I'm still glad to be home. Cya all soon.
(08/03/02) - Hi. Lol today's comic just was askin to be done. hehe. Enjoy. Oh and I added the Crossover Page and the Other's Artwork page. So enjoy the pics of me! lol

I don't know if tomorrow's comic will be done in time for posting. I've been rethinking having 2 comics a week. I'll let ya know when decide to keep it or switch it. It really depends on future events. Sorry to inconvenience ya.

(07/27/02) - Muhahaha... I finally have it up on time for once! Other than that not much to say today. See ya tomorrow.

(07/21/02) - Hi, Again... I'm late, I know. In the words of the Funday Pawpet Show.... We're experiencing technic difficulties. For the past week my FTP programs have been dieing fast than I can download them it seems. But now I have one that will work, so I'm trying franticly to get everything done.
Oh and if you check back soon I'll have my AfterAnthrocon comic up. Thanks for your patience.

(07/15/02) - Once again I just want to thank my sister for her help.... DON'T ASK ME FOR ANYTHING ELSE KIM! **grumble grumble** She can't send a simple e-mail to a friend for me while I'm gone to help with my comic.
Well anyways I'm back from the con and had a great time. I want to thank everyone at AC for a great weekend, and I can't wait to return next year... army permitting of course.

I'll have details soon. But lets just say that it has to do with the making of one of Uncle Kage's story's and a mohawk hehe.

Oh and don't worry the comics will be back this weekend right on time this time!

(07/06/02) - Hi, everyone... I know.. Its late again. I got to start doing this on Friday nights. Anyways....
I had fun kickin the pants off of a group of Milford kids at Lazertron (formerly Q-zar). God I love lasertag. Muhahahaha. There Milford Q-zar tricks are nothing not that it has been upgraded to Lasertron! No more cheating with the laser blocks and all the weird moves of theirs.
So thats why its not up on time... that and my parents dont like my on the net during the day...
Updated : Archives, News Page, and The IM page. I also added a story page.

(07/04/02) - HAPPY ID4!!! Today is the day of fireworks and super soakers, hehe. (At least for my family it is...) Today is also a day to celebrate freedom. Have a cool holiday. Oh and thanks to Gornul for helping me with my emergency update... I was trapped at a cousins house. They have dsl, but there comp is so oldschool that I cant do anything with it. Later in the evening, when I get home, I'll fix the archieves and everything else for this to work right.

(07/01/02) - Ugh... I can't believe I put an unfinished strip up. I'm sorry about that. Everythings gettin hectic from the holidays right now... parents, picnics, and familys. Sorry about all this.

(06/30/02) - Sorry I missed the last to updates. The last two weeks have been hectic. I'm gonna get better at this. I promise. Oh and in other news.... I'm GOIN TO ANTHROCON!!!! Yahhhh!

(06/22/02) - Hi. Sorry this update is late. I been working on it all day. I also put up page 5 for everyone too. I'll keep all this weekends pics up on the front page for the week so that the ones that missed it can see them. I also added a news page. And after reading through it again I realized that Fang really did trash the place once I got back lol. Enjoy.

(06/16/02) - Hi. First of all I would like to thank Fnaire for all the help she's given me with getting this site while I figured all this
   stuff out. Next all my friends for their help. If they weren't so crazy I'd might have never came up with such good characters for
my strip lol.

  First of all even though it says only Sat. and Sun. updates thats not gonna happen for a few weeks while I put this together. That and
 I can't update it on the first weekend of every month (second if the first weekend is a holiday) due to the fact I will be Drillin' with
the Army since I'm in the Reserves.

  Just for now I'll be doing replays of my BBCT (Before Basic Combat Training) comics for only a little while since they'res only like
  three of them anyways. Oh and I know the strip kinda looks like its suppose to be a Sonic storyline, and it was before.... but I had a
  lot of time to think about it during pushups and am doing something else for now. And even though I'm doing a lot of jokes and stuff
 now, expect it to become more of a rpg adventure without the rpg part and the weird psycobabble stuff (with jokes lol). But that also
will take a while.

Oh and thanks for reading.

Old School News

This is all the old news from my last webpage.... as I read over it, I realize how weird it was. I started the old site the day before 9/11. I didn't get much of a chance to do anything with it too cause soon afterwards I was off to FT. Knox. Anyways here it is for ya to read.

(10/02/2001) - Well this is it. My last post here until my return for Christmas. I'm gonna have fun at boot, but I'm gonna miss electronics lol. While I'm gone my friend, Fang Monroe, will take control of the site (and the comic if he wants to). I don't know why I decided that, but I lets hope that when I get back this place isn't trashed lol. Well thanks for readin' Seeya all soon.

(10/01/2001) - Okay. Time to get this comic started. I only have a few done and only two days till boot camp. After I come back, I'm gonna overhall this place majorly! Also. I did my first crossover type comic. I made a strip for Dakota's Ridge Fan Week. I hope it goes up.

(9/22/2001) - Well, I finally have started it. My Online comic called Victory's Cliff. Soon I'll get some more done up...but I don't think I'll be doing color anymore. lol to much trouble. I'll try to get as much as I can done before boot camp, but I don't have much time left. I guess you can put it as a periodic comic for now. More work is deffiently needed for the site before its totally cool, so just hang in there. Oh, and in other news...I got my black belt! YAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got it.

(9/12/2001) - I can't believe what happened yesterday. God I hope that they take out that evil freak behind all of this. I never even thought that either the #1 or the #2 would fall (the Twin Towers), but then the #7, and now they say that #4 and the #5 are ready to go too. Worst yet the damn Palestinians are celebrating the attack! They're kids are partying in the streets and people are handing out candy! I just hope that if and when those building fall that people are able to get out of there. And just to let you know... THIS WAS AN ACT OF WAR, AND MAY WE ROYALLY KICK THEIR *&^%%@ A$%!!!!

(9/11/2001) - God! How could those fricking idiots do that. 2 of the worlds tallest buildings. Gone in
  less than 2 hours. I hope they pay for this. Majorly. I would also like to have a moment of silence for
                the victims of the Attack. Those that died, and those that survived.......

(9/10/2001) -Yahhh!! Its finally up! I hope I can get as much done here before I leave for boot camp in Oct. I hope you like it

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