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(Page salvaged from the OLD VC Site... Anything in WHITE is the new stuff. The rest is just there incase I need it. I plan on updatin it soon.)

Okay, since I don't want any lawyer problems, I'm gonna put this here. Remember one thing...I'M NEW AT THIS!!! This is my first webpage and I got no clue as to legal stuff, but I will try my best. If there's something wrong, PLZ DON'T SEND THE BLOOD THRISTY LAWYER!! E-MAIL ME PLZZZZZ!!!!!!! I'LL FIX IT! I PROMISE!!!

Okay here we go:
Sonic and anything related to Sonic/Dreamcast/ect. is owned by Sega.
Starfox is owned by Nintendo.
The Freedom Fighters and Sonic comic books and anything related to it is owned by Archie Comics.
East Coast Freedom Fighters, Victory Cliff, and Talliy Boltair and the rest of this webpage is owned by ME! (unless it says who owns it already) SO DON'T STEAL!

I will allow and even encourage pics, fan-fic, and the rest of the VC and Talliy and all, but on 3 conditions. 1.) Let me know or send it to me. I wanta see your work too. >=). 2.) Always put credit were credit is due. 3.) NO YIFF STUFF of my characters and what not. (in plain english, I don't like porn so go away sicko's. THIS MEANS YOU TYLER!!)
#1's more of a suggestion than a requirement, since I love to see my fans work. But #3's a major thing in my morality. I'm Catholic and I don't like that stuff. Its sicking, okay. (#2 is important too. I hate people who steal. I mean thats in the 10 Commandments ain't it!!)

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