This is the page were all my art is with a short explaintion to each piece. Enjoy!

Art of Talliy
Talliy's first - the first ever drawing of Talliy. It originally started out as a idea to get my fur-craze out into the open by using this drawing as a high school art class project (this was before I knew that anyone in my school even knew about furries). The idea for the ears came from that Easter candy that has a little line drawing of a rabbit head on them (can't remember the name though). Unfortunately the bottom was ripped off due to a small (I should say big since it almost drove me to beat the crap out of a few kids that night between the hours of 4pm - 8pm) incident on a certain train ride for a certain field trip to a certain New York City. (and yes if your one of THOSE people reading this - I'm still mad about that, but I forgive you guys. JUST DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!)
Art II high school folder - another try at getting anthros out into the open a year later (but this time I had run into the group of furries at my school before I did that project). This is my Senior art folder for my art class. (which I decided to take to help improve my bad drawing abilities) (I went from almost bad to a-little-better-than-almost-bad lol)
Talliy's spec. sheet - my first full body picture of Talliy with all the needed specs to remember that I needed to remember about him back when I first created him. The year for his b-day is 7 years before the Coupe in the Sonic World. (psst.. the date is actually my birth date if you switch the year for 1983.)
World Trade Center Attack Pic - This originally started as a pic that was to show to a friend of mine that never seen him before. I tried a new style with it too. Later that night before I inked it, I decided to dedicated it to the attack (that had happened that day) and drew in a NYC area with it. God that day was terrible. Even from just watching it on the TVs at my old high school as the buildings fell. It was sickening. AND I KNOW THE DATE IS WRONG! I WAS ALL MESSED UP THAT DAY ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE!
Holy Talliy --This pic is of Talliy's Chaotic form. Its much like when Sonic or Knuckles goes Super and Hyper. Talliy's fur turns bright white, and where Sonic gets a speed boost and Knuckles gets a strength boost, Talliy gets a magic boost.

My other pics
Wolfblazers Group Shot - right now its just a sketch, but soon I'll get it done... I hope. For now the Wolfblazer characters are Ambis, Jessie "Poe" Ochu, Larry, Alpha, (all are copyrighted by there owners) and (of course) ME!
Tolford's Invention - I made this for the AnthroCon '02 Con Book, but it didn't make it in. This is the picture that created Tolford.
Blade Starfire - Another Wolfblazer friend of mine. It took me soooo long to do this one.
Blade Starfire-Colored - The above picture, colored.
Got Tail? - Yeah the saying is a bit over done, but I liked how it came out anyways. (as I side joke... I'm jealous of that fox!)
Ice Melt - During the war Gornul related to me a tale of shoveling snow up. Well this is why he has to use a shovel hehe.
My Wish - I got an inspiration after seeing Flinthoof's roo pics at AnthroCon 02, and did this later that night. I soooooo wish this picture was true. What AnthroFan wouldn't. Damn reality.
Gold Dragon - This is an art poster I painted back in high school for a class project. I used a old D&D Dragon Quest monster card as a reference.
Tal by mouse - During the War on my way from Germany back to Iraq I made this cause I got bored. Totally drawn by mouse. Not easy and not all that great.
Tal by mouse 2 - It started out like this. So I added words lol.
Lag - I did this in Iraq while I waited for the lag to end while on the internet. The net was insanely slow over there with everyone using it. I had to wait till the weirdest hours of the night to get on too.
X-mas In Iraq - I made this for everyone at home to show just how much I appreciated the mail they sent.
Late Knight Snack - One night I just couldn't sleep and so I decided to start drawing. In the morning I used my Crayola markers to color it. Expect for the marker quality it came out great. But I doubt I will ever have to use them again now.
Desert Hare - This was suppose to be my contrubiution to the Sly Cooper 2 character contest... unfortunately I lagged on it and when I finally finished the picture I ran out of time to mail it. I was able to use my new PrismaColor markers on it too for the first time. I love how it came out.
Chalk Rabbit- The first pic I did with my WACOM pad. The program that came with it had different styles of medium so I tryed out the chalk and this is what I got.
Behemoth Dragon- My first pic of a monster from the comic. It shows just how destructive they can be. Unfinished till I locate the pic so I can finish it.
Moused Dog- I did it for a HTML class as a test.


Night Cliff
1280x1047(for screens at the 1280x1024 size)

800x655(for screens at the 800x600 size)

AIM Pictures

AIMTals (that is until AIM changed the size your allowed. >.<)

4 - I cut the sprite from the SNES Starfox 2 Rom and changed a few things one it

Aim Pics For Others

Rubbertex Raccoon - (his own art - I cut and pasted to make his pic for him)
Wulven - (I got to ask him where he got the pic from)

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