Here's a list of my comics. You will be able to find a certain one easier like this. Enjoy!

Before Basic Combat Training Start-up.

VC001 - "And the headaches start."

VC002 - "Fang's Intro: A Starcraft Rip off with a Starfox Twist"

VC003 - "Talliy's Good Bye For Boot Camp"

New Startup with Ottercomics.

VC004 - "New Start. I'm Sorry For The Mess"

VC005 - "On with the comic! - Dave's intro (and believe it or not... he's worst in rl!)"

VC006 - "Happy Father's Day, Saint Padre Pio!

VC007 - "The Great Comic Webpage Search!

VC008 - "The Great Comic Webpage Search! Part 2

VC009 - "Happy Independence Day 2002"

VC010 - "Victory's Cliff Presentation! Part 1"

VC011 - "Goin' to Anthrocon '02! Muhahahaaa"

VC012 -"Victory's Cliff Presentation! Part 2"

VC013 -"Gornul's Mid-presentation Lunch Break"

VC014 -"Mad props to AnthroCon '02"

VC015 -"The Joke That Just Had To Be Done!"

VC016 -"Murphy... The Omni Being-thingy Of Ironic Things That Go Wrong!"

VC017 -"Dragon Proofing" Drawn by E. Michelle Logan of Transformation U

VC018 -"Push-ups" Drawn by Brittany Greatbear of Room For One More

VC019 -"Secret Villian? And Fiona? Uh oh..." Drawn by E. Michelle Logan of Transformation U

VC020 -"My first Annual Training for 2 weeks. It was great!"

VC021 -"(9/11/02)"

VC022 -"For Instant Victory, Please Press : Ctrl + Alt + Deletio"

VC023 -"Script? We have a script?"

VC024 -"In Honor Of The Otter!"

VC025 -"Twitchy...Ain't He?"

VC026 -"Its The HAT! BACK EVIL!"

VC027 -"Cameo and Foreshadowing."

VC028 -"NO! I will not ask Serine out for you! Stop asking!"

VC029 -"Camera Trouble."

VC030 -"Its A Short Strip Cause I Want To Get This Over With And Into The Main Storyline."

VC031 -"MERRY X-mas 2002"

VC032 -"Christmas Strip #2 for 2002"

VC033 -"DSL Celebration/Test Of My PrismaColor Markers/My Scanner Sucks With Colors Strip"

VC034 -"Off To War!"

Post Operation Iraqi Freedom

VC035 -"What did you think I was talking about Iraq? hehe

VC036 -"

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