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I want to thank you all for the encouraging letters and forum posts you sent when I got discouraged about my readership. As my way of saying thank you, I am putting all your comments up on this page.

I've been reading your comic for a while now and really just got caught up with all the archived strips. I really like it. It's cute and witty and it would be such a shame to lose such a wonderful comic. I hope you'll keep drawing them, I check back almost every day now to be sure I catch the new ones. Anyway, thanks for a great strip and I hope it will continue for years to come.
Charles de Charleroy, Jr.

Dear Oren,
In the Ozy and Millie mailing list, I read that you believe that nobody cares about your strip. I -do- care about your strip. The Changing Workplace is a breath of fresh air! You write caring characters. You have a different perspective than many furry artists.
Thanks for keeping it up!
-- Brent

Hi there! I'm just a simple dragon who has been a fan of your stuff, writing and comics both, for several years. I admit that I have never felt like giving you feedback, because you seemed to be prolific enough without encouragement. I check your site every day, and I do mean EVERY day. I also read other online comics, and flinthoof got my attention. I want you to know that your efforts are NOT in vain, that your every new project is appreciated by at least one previously silent fan. Keep up the great work, and let's see some more funny! =)
Best Regards,

Kyle Johnson

mejeep deMeep ferret scampers over to you and excitedly chitters, dooks and gestures an incredably complicated improvisational dance.
*DOOK* (what's that you say?)
*dook!* (what ferret joy must be conveyed?)
*chitter SQUEEK!* (oh, Oren's your favorite otter and you wish him well!)
I'm a daily reader of "THE CHANGING WORKPLACE" and I care a lot for the story you're telling. I'd prefer the otters happy and swimming and eating lotsa fish, but even ferrets are not always happy. I respect your telling whatever story motivates you the most. ROOMIES by Flinthoof kicked me in the tail to speak up and let you know that your characters are invited to my (virtual) house daily and I enjoy the experience you convey.
-- mejeep!

Heard from Roomies that your shutin down the comic. In the start I read Unlike Minerva, Changing workplace, Newshounds, Funny Farm and Free Fall. Now I just read Changing Workplace and Free Fall. Keep it going.
Bradley Clark

Hello, I read on "Roomies" that you were thinking of stopping drawing "The changing Workplace" and I'm writing to say that you shound't(At least certainly not from lack of support or self doubt). I discovered it earlier this year and have read the Whole thing. I really look forward to the strip everyday and read it as soon as i get to work. Don't doubt your abilities I've also read your story "The ATM" your pretty good.
Hope this helps to convince you not to stop
Paul Tallon (wolf)

I don't know if this will get through. Last time you left I think your mail box was too full for me to send anything. What I want to say is Thank you for continuing your strip. :)

Hi there. I read your recent 'comic' about how you were going to stop drawing 'The Changing Workplace' since no on semed to care about it. I just wantd to let you know that I do read the strip every day. I really enjoy it and will be sad to see it go. I realize that I don't provide you with any feedback (I tend to procrastinate too much). But I thought you would like to know that your efforts are not un-appreciated.
MistWing SilverTail

I heard you were thinking about discontinuing the strip. I certainly hope not though... If you did I would go through withdrawals. I read the strip every time it is updated (which is not enough) Its one of the comics I enjoy the most, along with others like CRFH and sluggy...
Keep it up. Please.

A lot of people like your comics! Just because they don't feel they have anything meaningful to say doesn't mean they don't enjoy your strip!
Chin up. More people appreciate your work than you think.

I just heard you decided to end your comic. Please don't! I liked reading it (even put it on my Favorites list). Instead, maybe just take a sabbatical, step back and look it over from a new angle. But dont end it!

If you think no one cares about your comic, then you are wrong. I just discovered it, and would hate to see it vanish. I'd have told you this sooner, but I just discovered it, you see... :)
Graveyard greg

Hey, Oren!
Drake the centaur here - listen, there's a story going about that you might cease production on 'The Changing Workplace'.... Well, if you did, I'd miss it. I read your strip every day and I think it's a fun, funny, well done, and sweet comic. Anyway, that's my two cents. I enjoy your work and I'd hate to see it go.... And of course, if I heard wrong, well, never mind me. Except for the liking your comic part. :)

Greeting purrs!
Just wanted to let you know that I check out your page EVERY day. I hate waiting for the next strips because I'm a greedy kitty. I just love your stuff. I especially got a kick out of the time when everyone got turned into taurs. Anyway, keep up the good work!
Tail high!
-- Chakat Goldfur (a.k.a. Bernard Doove)

Dear Oren,
I,m sadden by the news that you plan on taking Oren The Otter off your web site for good. Please and I say this very sinerely PLEASE don't take Oren The Otter off the internet for good, for it is a very very good comic stripe and I would surly miss it. Hope to see more issue of Oren The Otter in the future.
Rick Mendenhall

Another vote for keeping it! I don't read it regularly, which means I get to read it all from the beginning every time I come back to it - and I love it!
Jennifer mcGaffey

Dude... I wouldn't say that nobody cares. Sometimes it just takes a little looking around.
James McCoy

Nobody cares? Hardly.
I've been meaning to say hi and comment on the recent storyline. It must be hard to write, but it's been a moving and funny tribute to Sawana, and it's not easy to be both moving and funny. I tend to be really bad at giving people feedback when I like their work, and I should definitely know better. For what it's worth, TCW is right at the top of my list of comic bookmarks (Looks at the list-- well technically it's right under Get Fuzzy, but above Kevin and Kell and all the others) and it's one of a handful that I think to check for updates just about every day.

Sorry to see you're feeling unappreciated. I guess we all go through it from time to time.
Scott kellog

I read your comic ebveryday, I think it is one of the most original comics I have seen. However, if you feel you need a break from the strip, then that is your choice.
Amber Thompson

Greeting Oren
I have enjoyed your comic for at least four years now one of the first ones I had seen on the web. Always enjoyable sometimes the story had me off my chair.
Justin Cardinal Schubert

Let me be one of the people to say that indeed we do care about The Changing Workplace. Look at my website, your link has a prime spot on my main page. I'm wanting to find out what happens to everone after sadie's nurplex incident.
Please, Please don't take away my daily otter fix *sad foxy eyes*
Darien J. Fox

Dear Oren,
I don't have the power to make you believe that your comic 'THE CHANGING WORKPLACE' is worth every bit of effort you put into it. I don't have the capability to fully express what I mean by that, in detail.
I'm just a kid in South Africa who loves your comic, and was upset to find the cold 'Nobody Cares' graphic where I used to find a comic which managed to take me away from the world on a regular basis.
Miktar Dracon

I like your comic, and I think you've got much better at drawing it sicne I've been reading.
Alex martin

No body cares? Are thou kidding? I DO! I read it every day religiously! I like Oren Otter as a character. I was rather dismayed that Sadie "died" but now she is back, I am curious if Oren will allow himself to follow his heart and seek to have her as his mate.
Then, there is the overall plot itself. Weill he and the others ever get their jobs back? What about the zoo? Are those dunderheaded zookeepers ever going to realize Sadie and her friend are no longer there but loose with Oren?
You have a lot to give. I cannot know why you feel no one cares, but a large number of us do.
Please come back. . . .
WalksFar. . . .

Because you, the TCW audience, have been so encouraging and supportive of my endeavours, I wanted to share some of the friendly and encouraging mail and fan art I have received.

Yay! I got a major role in this storyline in "Paladin's Haven"!

Here I am at the Minerva Theatre with some other high-Calibre artists. Thanks, Terrence and Natalie!

Fat Cat of One Clown Short included me in her dinnertime/plot hole storyline. Thanks, Fat Cat!

First strip
Second strip Third strip

Oh boy! I got a cameo in "Roomies!"

This one comes from Naraxa, author of Elsinore. Naraxa writes: "I drew a pic for you Course this was actually before I saw the comic and just saw your name attached to the (name of top secret project omitted) mail. It sounded ridiculously cute."

Here's my guest appearance in one of my favorite comic strips, "Super De-Formers". Check it out! Sincere thanks to my good friend Usagi for including me.

Here's a little something from Antonio Robins

You can see more of his work at The Lost Forest