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It all started with a dream. I dreamt that I was sky-diving from the top of a giant beer stein with Alex Trebeck. When I woke up, I got on the internet and discovered the Transformation Fandom.

The inspiration for "The Changing Workplace" came from the Transformation Story Archive, and the 700+ members of its mailing list and chat chanel. The Real Life TSA is dedicated to stories about transformation, and its members, on the whole, are so looney, that I don't have to make up much.

For a long time, The Changing Workplace was a parody of the TSA, but as time went on, and I parted company with the TSA, TCW changed to reflect my life experiences. Now it has its own TF-themed mailing list, "Transformation and Furry", named for the company for which Oren now works. And now, some of those Character descriptions I've been promising.

Season One

Oren the Otter
Yours truly, Oren the Otter. To know me is to love me. (unless you happen to be a fish.)
Fox Cutter
Fox Cutter, then Oren's supervisor. He's the head of the furry department.
Thomas Hassan
Thomas Hassan, our exalted leader. He created the TSA. I used to like this guy.
Gornul the Dragon
Gornul the Dragon, Oren's next-cubicle neighbor. Enjoys life's little pleasures like eating his co-worker, Dan, and has a crush on Oren's female alter-ego.
Daniel Fahl
Daniel Fahl, a friendly raccoon who is less-than-perfect at operating anything technological. More often than not, he can be seen trying to avoid being eaten by his co-worker, Gornul the dragon.
Ramen the leopard
Ramen the leopard. Lives in the branches of a potted plant in the lobby, we think. Needs to be tickled every so often.
Charles Matthias
In the cubicle in front of Oren, you'll find Charles Matthias, a cheesenipper with a heart of gold and a talent for getting himself into trouble.
Wanderer, the texan wolf with a brittish accent. He runs the snack counter in the caffeteria, and is well known for his wonderful pranks and horrible puns.
Linnaeus: He's the friendly poet-philosopher sort, and a friend that Oren goes to when he has trouble. (yeah, yeah, sappy stuff, I know, but don't worry, it's still funny.)
Qualin & Alacious
Qualin: from tech support, this blob of silvery goo is capable of becoming anything- even to the point of becoming patient with stupid clients.

Alacious: The amazing exploding gerbil. Don't get too close to him and whatever you do, DON'T cut the red wire!
Aatheus Centauri
& Sandfur
Aatheus Centauri: A friendly winged centaur who does maintainance work around the TSA building and has a knack for selling things. Aatheus is indirectly responsible for the creation of OtterTunes.

Sandfur: A sort of a boy/raccoon, who until recently worked as a shoeshine boy in the lobby. He now gets regular mention in the TF&F Help Desk, where he works as Oren's assistant.
Pixie & Amanda
Pixie: A teenager trapped in a baby bunny's body. She's always questing to find the real "her", but I suspect she enjoys being in day care with Amanda the most, and just won't admit it.

Amanda: Oren's daughter, a stuffed toy who magically came to life one day, and now helps me to run this website. What kids can't do with computers these days. Amanda has developed her own comic, as well as telepathic powers.
Phil & Clover
Phil and Clover Geusz: The parents of Pixie. He's a union politician who specializes in car-morphs. She's a tatooed lady... though it doesn't show through all that fur, does it?

Season Two

Felice: Oren's sister, star of Knight Shift. She's a hard-working lady with a big imagination.
Hannah: Hannah Wilson, Oren's adopted niece, who has since moved across the country.
Sira: Amanda's best friend, also known as the superheroine "Weasel-Girl". Sira is an orphaned half-human weasel who lives at the Brown Institute for Paranormal Children. Did I mention she's telekinetic?
Xan: Felice's son, Oren's Nephew, Amanda's co-star and quite frequently a pink armadillo. Xan is known for his super-strength and the rugged good looks he inherrited from his mother's side of the family.
Martin: Oren's friend who insists that he isn't furry, but then drew himself as a german shepherd. Today, this young man who is the brains behind "The Tongue" (pun intended) is a werepuppy.
Sadie & Blackie
Sadie: A golden-furred otter who took a shine to Oren, and whom Oren loves with all his heart. Their unofficial relationship took an awkward turn when she got tired of waiting for him and married their neighbor, Harry. Fortunately, Harry's not bright enough to figure out what that entails and the marriage is still annullable.

Blackie: Sadie's taciturn sister who takes great pleasure in tormenting men, especially Oren.
Mi, Dumb Blonde 6, Duster
Mi: Crowned prince of the fey, Mi is a little embarassed about his father, Oberon, who is a bit less than his legend makes him out to be. Mi is the senior partner in TF&F.

Dumb Blonde 6: A wiz with computers, this young man created a program that turned the user into whatever their screen-name suggested. Now he is a ditzy blonde woman.

Duster: Daughter of a professional transmogrifier, this winged skunk is very knowledgable about the transformation business, and is an old friend of Sira Taylor.
Grellden: Transformed into an oak tree long ago, Grellden has developed two outstanding talents- patience and listening.
Maury Skindog: A vicious lawyer who stayed too long in the Metamor Keep archives, Maury was transformed into a happy-go-lucky, far-too-friendly fenec-like thing who is still all too pleased to sue someone's pants off.