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{--- A picture of Bonzai as imagined by Felice Folmer.
The "Dancing on Air" desktop, featuring Fnaire. ---}

Hello. Oren Otter here.
Thank you for reading my comic strips. I hope you enjoy them, and it is my privilege to use these comics to entertain, to comfort, to enlighten and to edify.
Unlike some other comic sites you may find on the web, you will never be charged for viewing any of the comics here on Pandora. It is our philosophy that money should never be a factor in whether anyone can enjoy what we have to offer.
I myself am unemployed, being stricken with serious permanent illness which leaves me weak and in near constant pain. I can no longer do physical work, and have even been forced to close my book shop. Thus, I spend my days doing intellectual work including drawing comics, managing the Pandora syndicate, taking classes at art school and running the Christian Furry Fellowship. Not one of these activities puts a dime in my pocket. Currently, my only income is from art and story commissions. and gratuities

So if you have benefited from any of these, and if the Good Lord has laid it upon your heart to give a little back in order to keep these works going, you may make a donation or become a sponsor.
For a sponsorship of $5.00 per month (US dollars) your name will be displayed on the front page of the comic site of your choice (That is, any of MY sites.) as a sponsor of the electronic arts. For $10.00, you can give a shout out to your friends on their browser's status bar.
Donations may be made by paypal via the button below, or sent to
400 E. 4th st.
Julesburg CO 80737
Alternately, you can make a pledge for one month. To do so, just pop onto the Pledges forum (you must have a forum membership to post) and pledge any amount you wish per comic for the feature or features of your choice.

For more details, write to with your questions.
Be sure to tell me which comic you wish to support, and to give your name, so that I may thank you properly.
You may also use this address to make a donation to any of the other comics. Just be sure to say which, to make sure your donation is sent to the right person.

Thank you, all!