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One thing every artist needs is an audience. Here at Pandora, our goal is to get you an audience and do whatever we can to help you develop your art into something that both supports and fulfills you and entertains your audience. To this end, we want artists who share our goals and are willing to help others along, too. If this appeals to you, keep reading to see if you fit one of the five Pandora groups.

Moonbase is for dedicated cartoonists who are willing to pitch in and work together for the entire group's benefit. Whether it's coding some HTML or teaching an art class, whatever you are willing to do is appreciated. Moonbase offers additional services to its members, such as external promotion and site extras. Moonbase offers full hosting, along with HTML help, an optional forum dedicated to your series, membership in the banner program, promotional opportunities and more. Moonbase also pays five cents for every strip posted. To join Moonbase, you must have a clean comic of reasonable quality which updates at least once a month. To insure commitment, we do ask that you have at least ten comics in your archive before joining. Exceptions will be made for those beginning an aditional series.

Orbiter is for those who want to share audiences but do not have the time to commit to helping out the group. Orbiter offers basic hosting only, a shared forum and optional membership in the banner exchange. Orbiter pays two cents for every strip posted. To join Orbiter, you must have a clean comic series of reasonable quality.

Phases websonics is strictly for audio shows. Like Moonbase, it is member-driven, with all the members pitching in a little for the benefit of the whole group. Phases offers all of the same benefits as Moonbase, including free hosting, a dedicated forum, web page help and a payout of five cents per show posted. We will also broadcast your shows on our companion radio station, OtterTunes. Shows must be clean and of a reasonable quality.

Crater games and features are for anything that is not a comic strip or radio show. This includes recipes, columns, puzzles, trivia, etc. As with all groups, items within Crater must be clean and of a reasonable quality. No horroscopes, please, except parodies. crater also offers a five cent payout with each feature posted, and rewards member participation with additional services.

Eclipse is strictly for inactive comics. If you are no longer updating your webcomic but still want to share what you have done, then Eclipse is for you.

Additional requirements: Members of any Pandora group are required to link back either to the Pandora main page or, should their individual group have its own page, to that. Links may be just about anything the artist desires, but must be displayed prominently, either on the main page or at the head of the links page. All members are required to join the artists' and ops' mailing list. To protect the reputations of our members, we ask that all members refrain from posting pornography or erotica either on this site or anywhere else. By submitting your series for membership, you declare that you agree to these terms.

STILL INTERESTED? Then write an email to orenotter@ATaol.DOTcom (remove the capitalized bits, of course) telling Oren why you would like to join our happy family.