Manifold Crisis - cast


Species: Otter
Home: Otter Island
Weapon: Claws
Magic: Earth / Nature
Player: Julie Kayton
Shoal is an initiate of the castle guard who seems to have gotten in way over his head. But though he's having a difficult time, Shoal is determined to see his mission through.


Species: Nageel
Home: Nageel empire
Weapon: Trident
Magic: Water / Electric
Player: Rick Kayton
Son of the evil Prince Farron, Grandson of Xor. Xano was disowned by his father for the crime of wanting peace with the otters. Now he is looking for a way to win his people over and become the next emperor.


Species: Android
Home: Robot World
Weapon: Laser
Magic: Metal / defensive
Player: Stacy Grey
Perpetually upbeat, almost nothing can drag SAM down..His brother HIRO has been reprogrammed to work for the astruchin, and SAM despoerately wants to rescue him.


Species: Dryad
Home: Enchanted Grove
Weapon: Branch
Magic: Wood / healing
Player: Becky Chromus
The little dryad from the Enchanted Grove, Bonzai is a rare free-roaming dryad, able to carry her tree on her back.


Species: Toon
Home: Otter Island
Weapon: Hand-gun
Magic: Comedy / chaos
Player: Pepe Pangoeln
A zany energy being known as a toon, and ironically, the voice of reason. Sister of Ophelia and Olivia.


Species: Elf
Home: Whiteout Earth
Weapon: Sword
Magic: Fire / weather
Player: Beto Styx
Ork slayer, toy maker, diplomat. Wink gets frustrated easuly in the face of failure.


Species: Genie
Home: Avalon
Weapon: Wand
Magic: Fish / healing
Player: Jay Kayton
Sealed inside a clamshell by otters centuries ago, Mardam is an evil and dangerous genie whom Otter Island insisted should never ever be released.


Species: Tierune
Home: Rigas
Weapon: Bow
Magic: Air / navigation
Player: Rayna Kayon
Akon is the security director for planet Rigas, having succeeded his father, Raeza.


Species: Human
Home: Wunno
Weapon: Magimals
Magic: Meta
Billy was once a sidekick of Magimals legend Taji Sato, until he was frozen in ice by the titan Millimin.