Xan and I (Oren) have had a great deal of fun creating the magimals, trainers, items and such for the first four Magimals games and comics. We've decided to open up number five to you, the readers and players.

Magimals 5 will feature all four countries and all four main characters. It will also include 80 Cryptid magimals- creatures unknown or unproven to science in the magimals world. We want you to design these cryptid magimals.

Rules for Magimals
1. Magimals must be your own unique creation. By submitting your design, you declare this to be so.
2. Magimals must conform to one of the 20 elements (Earth, water, fire, air, wood, metal, sonic, lightning, space, ancient, junk, plastic, crystal, chemical, fairy, yin, yang, plain, brute and dream)
3. You may specify the following habitats for your magimal: The Abyss, Caverns (any country), Flying rocks (Tyuwo and Threen), Volcanoes (Twuwo and Foro), the moon, Northern forests, city sewers, the upper atmosphere, the dream realm, the polar ice cap, the southern swamps
4. Please include a picture
5. You may include up to three different varieties for your magimal. This can include different ages, fusions, crossbreeds, dimorphic genders and divergent growth.
6. Nothing indecent, please.
7. If you are entering for a grand prize, please send us a picture and description of yourself as a magimal trainer.
8. Ideas for items, plot devices, etc. may also be submitted, but are not eligible for a grand prize.

Up to eighty magimals will be selected to be featured in Magimals 5.
The ones that we really like will recieve the following special gift: The creator will be featured as a trainer character in one or more of the Magimals games.
Those not chosen to become characters will receive a promotional Magimals e-card as a consolation prize.

How to enter
1. E-mail your submission to
2. Or mail your submission to
Magimals Contest
400 E 4th st.
Julesburg CO 80737

3. If you have ICQ, you may send your submission to Oren directly at 12015849.
4. Please don't forget to include your name and a return address.

Legal stuff
All submissions including trainer characters become the property of Intense Entertainment
We reserve the right to alter designs as we see fit, but we promise not to alter them much.
Entrants, by entering, declare that their submission is their own unique creation and if it is not, the entrant assumes full legal responsibility.
Contest ends when we have a full compliment of magimals to our liking. We reserve the right to close the contest to specific magimal types at any time.
Should there be a Magimals 6, we reserve the right to use submitted ideas in future modules without compensation. (But if you remind us it was your idea, we'll probably give you something nice for it anyway.)

These are
a few of
the submissions
we've gotten
so far.