Crater Features Pandora's Kitchen
By the cooks of Pandora Comics


Pots' Enchillada Casserole
Hoots' Cabbage Rolls
Artic's Chili
Ashenfox' Fajita Burritos
The JAM's Peneques
Oren's Battered Fish
Artic's Meatloaf
Artic's Fried Chicken
Oren's Seafood Pizza
Bob's Authentic German Goulasch
Miguel's Favorite Barbecue Sandwiches
Encheladas De Artic
Xyie's Firehouse Chili

Side dishes

Brother Chu's Egg Cheese
Floyb's Pancakes
Murr's Spaetzle Noodles
Daphne's Oatmeal Muffins
Oren's Soup Biscuits
Nana Dragon's Homemade Bread Murr's otter day stuffing
Oren's Pretzels


Aroma's Wacky Cake
Sister Gertie's Brownies
Chef Gregory's Noel Bars
Brother Chu's Apple Dumplings
Pots' Non-Doorstop Fruitcake
Bunny's Carrot Loaf
The Rat Brothers' German Cakeballs


Eggnog shake / Cookie dip


Murr's Barbecue Sauce
Peppermint Sundae topping
Orange poultry sauce
Eggnog shake / Cookie dip

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