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Our Queue is posted here to allow our customers to know how long they have to wait. If you do not wish to be shown in the queue, please specify in your email.


Click on the link above to send an email with the details of your commission.

Team Otter is...

Oren Otter, CEO
Ashen Fox, Penciler
Brittany "Fnaire" Greatbear, penciler/writer
ChAoS oTtEr, penciler/writer
Eala Dubh, inker/editor
Kyle Roocoon, colorist
Ann Vole, webmaster / publicist
Martin Billany, legal consultant
Xan Folmer, guy who drinks coffee and looks thoughtful.

*Artists subject to availability.

Would you like to get a custom-drawn picture by Team Otter? Here is your chance! You can choose from the list of items below to get a custom piece of art done by your choice of the team otter staff members!*

Any availible artist may be assigned if you do not specify.
# Media Artists Electronic Original
1 Line drawing ChAoS, Oren, Ashen, Fnaire or Xan $10 $15
2 Detailed black and white Oren or Fnaire $15 $20
3 Colored pencil picture Oren or Fnaire $20 $30
4 Pencils + inks Oren, Ashen, Fnaire or Xan (inks by Eala Dubh) $25 $45
5 Pencils + colors Oren, Ashen, Fnaire or Xan (colors by Kyle Roocoon) $25 $45
6 Pencils + inks + colors Oren, Ashen, Fnaire or Xan (inks by Eala Dubh) (Colors by Kyle) $35 $65
7 Fashion design in colored pencil Fnaire $15 $20
8 Monster lover's special:
Colored-pencil drawing - You with your favorite pokemon or magimals
Oren $15 $20

Options 9 and up are electronic only. We reserve the right to include custom comics in our regular series.

# Media Artists Option #1 Option #2 Option #3
9 Animated .gif pictures Oren 4 frames or less:
5-8 frames:
Morphing portrait:
10 Custom comic strip, starring your own character, done in line drawing Oren, Fnaire, Ashen Fox or ChAoS Single:
2-10 strip Arc:
$5 per strip
11 Custom comic strip, inked Ink by Eala Dubh Single:
2-10 strip Arc:
$10 per strip
12 Custom comic strip, colored Color by Kyle Roocoon Single:
2-10 strip Arc:
$10 per strip
13 Custom comic strip, inked, colored Ink by Eala, Color by Kyle Single:
2-10 strip Arc:
$15 per strip
Prices listed are what we normally charge, but we may charge more for especially difficult pieces. We reserve the right to refuse any commission, especially nasty ones with nekkid folks or blood and gore and stuff. We also reserve the right to display commissioned images on our website. And please don't do anything mean like smack the artists with a sea urchin or we'll keep your picture and not give you your money back. We'll also stick our tongues out at you.

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