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A Furry Christmas Carol
A special program presented by The Riverside Players

Based on "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens | Adapted and edited by Oren Otter

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Total run time 1:24:10 || Part one 0:36:30 || Part two 0:47:40
The program also plays on OtterTunes during the Christmas and Christmas-in-July seasons.
Just tune your internet radio to rovr.primcast.com:7120.

Original air date: December 1, 2006
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Credits for this program:

Narrator (Otter) - Benny Brownpaws
Visitor (Unstated) - Jon Krupp
Ebeneezer Scrooge (German shepherd) - Oren Otter
Fred Hollywell (Malamute) - Wanderer Wolf
Bob Cratchit (Otter) - Eala Dubh
Mr. Fuzz (Rat) - Ashen Fox
Mr. Pinfeather (Parakeet) - Robert Phelps
Mr. Chippet (Sparrow) - Oren Otter

Jacob Marley (Badger) - Ashen Fox
Christmas Past (Horse) - Wanderer Wolf
Christmas Present (Reindeer) - Jon Krupp
Christmas Future (Stegosaurus) - Oren Otter

Young Scrooge - Oren Otter
Fran Hollywell (German shepherd) - Felice Folmer
Father Scrooge (German Shepherd) - Kaninus O'Farrel
Fezziwig (Anteater) - Oren Otter
Belle (Sheltie) - Felice Folmer
Belle's husband (Beagle) - Wanderer Wolf
Children - Everyone

Emily Crachit (Otter) - Phyllis Vary
Martha (Otter) - Felice Folmer
Steven (Beaver) - Oren Otter
Belinda (Otter) - Felice Folmer
Betina (Otter) - Felice Folmer
Peter (Otter) - Ashenfox Fox
Tim (Otter) - Benny Brownpaws
Janet Hollywell (Fennec) - Phyllis Vary
Party guests - Everyone

Businessman 1 (Pig) - Eala Dubh
Businessman 2 (Bull)- Oren Otter
Businessman 3 (Bear) - Kaninus O'Farrel
Undertaker (Vulture) - Robert Phelps
Maid (Cat) - Felice Folmer
Laundrist (Ferret) - Wanderer Wolf
Ol' Joe (Toad) - Oren Otter

Donkey - Martin Billany
Fishmonger - Oren Otter

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