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TF Parlor - Meet the Transformers

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oren Oren Otter
Founder of the Transformation Studies Institute, star of Transformation and Furry help Desk and author of The Changing Workplace, Oren's lifelong dream has been to help people enjoy being changed into cute, cluffy animals.
cody Cody Benoit
Valued for his knowledge of hypnotic inductions, Cody has proven to be a valuable asset to the Transformation Parlor since its inception.
Fnaire Fnaire Otter
Oren's wife, Fnaire is a transformation assistant who, after only a brief time, proved to be a capable hypnotist in her own right. Fnaire is also the artist behind Fnaire's TF of the Week.
Dr. Z Dr. F. Merideth Zimmerman
Doctor of virtual medicine, Dr. Zimmerman is the chief of staff at the Uncanny Valley Hospital. Her innovative approach to treating virtual medical conditions has paved the way for new understanding of abnormal psychology.