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TF Parlor - Health and Safety Warnings

"Please don't sue my pants off because I'm not wearing any."
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Okay, so you're getting a hypnotic transformation. Cool. We think that's a great idea because that's why we're here. There are just a few things we'd like you to keep in mind.

  1. Whatever you are, you are to your own senses.
    The laws of physics don't care that you're a bird. Don't try to fly. Being changed into a gecko doesn't mean you can climb down the side of your apartment building. Being a bat doesn't mean you can use sonar to cross the street at night with your eyes closed.
    Use common sense.
  2. Remember that other people will see you as a human. Try not to embarass yourself. Most communities are not clothing optional, and a collar, tack or shell won't cut it.
  3. When going into trance, try to sit or lay down someplace where you won't hurt yourself if you go limp. Most inductions involve complete relaxation.
  4. Don't take emotional baggage into trance with you. Much like falling asleep with bad thoughts will give you bad dreams, bad attitudes such as defeatism or a poor self-image may sour the trance and intensify themselves.
  5. There is a chance you may experience an abreaction if you have suppressed emotions. They may come out while you are in trance, leaving you overwhelmed when you wake up. This isn't likely to happen during our routines, but be advised.
  6. Hypnosis is as safe as sleeping. But just like you wouldn't sleep on a top bunk if you're prone to rolling out of bed, you should use common sense when undergoing hypnosis. In other words, if there's anything we haven't covered, it's your job to take care of it by not being stupid.