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TF Parlor - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is Hypnosis safe?
A: Yes. It is as safe as sleeping. No one can take control of your mind or make you do anything you don't want to do. You are in control of yourself and aware of what's happening the entire time. If at any time you don't like what we're doing, you can immediately abort. We at the Transformation Parlor also follow a firm set of ethical guidelines. We don't black out your memory, we don't supress your will. We're here to serve you.
Q: Are you licensed hypnotherapists?
A: No. We are hypnotists, not therapists.
Q: Can you turn me into a...?
A: Absolutely. If you can imagine yourself as one, you can be one.
Q: Do you do live Skype sessions?
A: Some of us do. Those fall under the category of custom routines and in most cases, will cost money.
Q: You said I would see myself as a kangaroo, but I still see my human face. What went wrong?
A: Nothing. In order to experience visual hallucinations, you must become completely entranced. This doesn't always happen. Going into trance is an acquired skill. Keep trying the routine. Unless you're mentally handicapped, you will get at least partial benefit from it, and it will get better with time.
Q: Can you do a routine where I get to have sex as a whatever?
A: No. We keep it clean, here. If you want to have sex while in morph, that's totally up to you. Likewise, we don't do scat, vore, wingerisms, etc.
Q: What's a wingerism?
A: Nothing. Forget I mentioned it.
Q: What happens if I get stuck?
A: With most routines, we include an escape clause, allowing you to return to your normal self at any time. It is almost impossible to become stuck in morph due to hypnotic suggestion. However, if this does happen, there is an emergency reversion routine available.
Q: Somebody told me that there's no such thing as trance. Is that true?
A: Opinions differ. Some say that trance is actually just a very focussed state. Others, that it's more like sleep. Either way, we take you into an alternate state of consciousness to get the job done.