Real Name: Sandra Pierson

Location: Manhattan

IM info: Not available

Email: Not available. Contact via webmaster.

Birthdate: Over 21.

Avatar description: Woofy is a five-foot-ten mutt with brown fur, grey ears, paws and a grey patch around one eye. (you can pick which one.) She never wears clothes, save for a big pair of Ned Seagoon glasses. Woofy is the creator of "Quest of the Therian Urn" and "Woofy's Word Search". She loves to play the piano and often plays melodies so complex they require the use of her toes.

Musical style:jazz-classical.

Accomplishments: Took first place in a tellent contest with "Better Times are Coming", though the announcer got the title wrong.

Equipment: There are three rooms in my house with pianos and I play them all.

Favorites: Favorite song: Song in F Minor by DJ Composer. Favorite musician: Vioctor Borge.

Items of interest: Loves to eat dog biscuits, even in public.



Better Times are Coming