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1. Music must be yours to do with as you please. If you have sold the rights to it, (which you've probably done if you've been published by a record company) you need to make sure that the person who has the rights to it okays it's archiving. In some cases, it may be necessary to archive an imperfect copy (for example, having the end cut off or a voiceover in the middle). This is fine with us.

2. Only the following are permissible:
---Original Works
---Remixes done with the express consent of the original artist
---Highly original interperetations of public domain pieces.

3. Your piece must be clean. No profanity (if in doubt as to what's profane, please ask), no hatemongering, no advocating controlled substances, no occult... you get the idea. If I forgot to mention something, you'll still be held responsible to use common sense.

4. To insure that pieces are clean, we ask that any piece with vocals be accompanied by a text or html document containing the lyrics. If the lyrics are not in English, a translation must be provided.

5. We would like you to provide the following information. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

For yourself:
*Nom de plume (what you call yourself)
*Location (at least country)
*Contact info (at least one electronic means of communication is required, but will be withheld at your request)
*Birthdate (You may choose to say "over 21")
Avatar description
Musical style
Equipment (hardware and software which you use)
Favorites (band, composer, song, whatever)
Items of Interest (some interesting factoids about you or your music)

For your song:
*Genre (if you're not sure, just say so.)
Release date (If not provided, we'll list the date archived)
File length
Album art
The song itself

6. Preferred filetype is MP3. We would like at least one MP3 version of every song. However, other filetypes of the same song will be archived as well. For instance, if you have a midi, and MP3 and a noteworthy file, send all three. Files should not exceed 5 Megs or 1 Meg per minute, whichever is larger. Exceptions may be made for especially long songs.

7. While we're not very picky here at OT2, we do expect a certain level of quality in the work of our artists. If you've proven yourself good, we may archive some of your early work for historical interest. Otherwise, we may ask you to go work on your opus and improve it. If you need help, please ask. We'll see what we can do to get you hooked up with a musician.

8. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

9. Please send your submission to orenotter2@ATyahoo.DOTcom