Real Name: Matt Sweetman

Location: London

IM info: Not available

Email: kiroo_rooATyahooDOTcoDOTuk

Birthdate: Over 21.

Avatar description: Kiroo is a 6 foot tall, male anthropomorphic kangaroo. His soft fuzzy fur is colored dark and light creamy brown. The light patch runs from his chin and neck down to his tummy. He has a pair of big bouncy kangaroo feet and fuzzy roo ears. His favourite things in the world are his plushies, music, and jaffa cakes :O)

Musical style: Ambient drum & bass, IDM, and most other forms of electronica.p> Accomplishments: Kiroo is self-taught, creating wonderful works without the benefit of a formal musical education.

Equipment:I compose primarily with MIDI/digital-sample based software.

Favorites: Composer- Brian Transeau Musicians- 4 Hero, Massive Attack, Boards of Canada, Irresistible Force, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Groove Armada

Items of interest: I'm extremely intersted in graphic design/multimedia and are studying such a course at university. I also have a huge music CD collection (nearly 400 CDs) of all kinds of styles.


Deep Blue