Pool of Love

By Stephen S. Boland IV

Have you been wanting to take a nice cool
enjoyable swim within a great pool?
Swimming around and having great fun
Within the shining light of the sun?
Have you found yourself wanting to do such,
yet finding that owning a pool costs too much?

Does the price of the pool seem far too big?
Lacking the cash to pay folks to work and dig?
Well, the work has already been done
so you may relax in the light of the Son.
Floating freely within a vast pool
over which the greatest lifeguard does rule.

This pool will not be filled with H2O,
but something with value that will ever grow.
Yet it can be yours to freely gain.
Don't laugh, please just allow me to explain.
It comes from your heart, and from Heaven above.
I am speaking of a great pool of love.

The pool's foundation is already paved.
To find it, through Jesus you must be saved.
Confess before God that you are a sinner.
Repent and call Jesus, salvation's winner.
Through the Saviour, so much will open to you
including love that is pure and true.

Love your friends neighbors, and family.
Love those who hurt you. Love your enemy.
No, the previous line is not wrong.
You must forgive to make love truly strong.
Love all those whom you meet, one and all.
With Jesus in your heart to strengthen the call.

Let all the love flow into one massive pool
which shines like the very most lovely jewel.
By the Lord, let love flow from your heart's core
so the great pool may be filled more and more.
Such a great amount of love must be amassed,
but with God's help, no amount is too vast.

All people you know should be invited
into the love that need not be divided.
No dividing of the love need be done.
All will be enjoying it as one.
As one, let all soak up every drop
of the deep love like a gigantic mop.

To this pool, do not add any chlorine.
That is not what will keep this pool clean.
To keep the pool of love good and pure,
add the universe's greatest cure.
A substance on which you can not put a price.
To keep things pure, add the blood of Jesus Christ.

Let the very greatest love of all
become a geyser reaching so tall.
Send the very greatest pool of love
all of the way to Heaven above.
Let it belong to the almighty God
and his Son by whom love is spread abroad.