A moment of Purity
By NaJ

Get thee from me, you are no longer welcome here.
Vile name be lust, desire without reason, passion without focus.
Get away from me, I am no longer yours, I have been bought,
I am free from your torment and your calling!
Get from me, You are banished from me!
Get from me, vile darkness, stay from me as east is to west,
I am tired of being your play thing, of being nothing but raw,
Evil, unwanted need, hateful want without truth to you,
Leave me be, forever more, leave me be, your weight is gone,
From my heart, from my soul, your price is paid, get from me now,
Evil, Sin, you are banished, I am bought, paid for,
By but one drop of blood.
Stay away, Stay away, vile wickedness, thou are utterly wrong,
My desires are pure, my intentions true, but you break the pure,
and free way of looking upon those about me, focusig only upon
That which is evil, wicked, wrong within me and others.
Stay away, vile devil, for yours is hell and damnation by fear,
You tempt me with words of honey, yet drive me to madness with pain,
Your temptations are at an end, and I am broken by the hand of evil,
Only for one drop of blood am I able to stand, a shell of myself,
Get from me, your work is impure and tainted, to twist which God has,
Made Pure, Holy, and Good.
Stay away, Obsenity, vileness without age. You claw me to ribons and break,
wings meant to fly, promices to keep, love meant to hold true, and worse, yet,
Bond between master and servant that was never meant to know your touch,
Wickedness made manifest, yours is no longer where I belong, no, stay from,
stay from, evilness without power. Shadow of the light, cast large only for,
how large the light is behind. Shadow of real purity, made for our facing is,
turned away, away from the Holy. Shadow of honest love, you make it,
hard to turn away. Shadow of ourselves, the darkness unwelcome within,
You claw to reclaim your throne, a temple broken in ruins, but forever,
you cannot find purchase in, the heart of those who love Truth.
Stay away, Abomination. Yours is evil, wicked, and Wrong. You face that,
Which you knew, which you loved, which you served, and mar his Creation.
You face Him, but shadow you are, shadow of glory you held, you sought,
All. Failure, Tempting Darkness, you are large for we face away.
Stay away. Stay away. Unwelcome forever more. Stay away, this temple,
Is built, Purified, Broken, Reclaimed, By El'Shadai.
Stay away. This temple is free of you, forever more and a day. Stay away,
For I am not for sale, nor are my doors opened to your vile claws. Stay away and,
Be gone, Forever, Be Gone. Stay away, stay away, stay away.
For I belong to Him.