Ode to joy- a non-traditional translation
By Schiller, Beethoven and Otter

Joy, bright spark of God's own nature
Daughter of our Heav'nly home
Filled with your fire we come to thee
Heavenward, unto the throne
What our ways have sharply sundered
With your pow'r you bind again
Where your wing sways, all men become
Brothers with their fellow men

Any one who has the honor
To his friend a friend to be
He who has his wife's devotion
Adds unto our jubilee
Yes, all they who even one soul
In this world loves as their own
But they cannot join our circle
They who never love have shown

Those who live in this great circle
to Compassion homage pay
And look upward to the Heavens
To the stars they lead the way
We embrace you, all you millions
The entire world we kiss
Brothers, since we have this joy a
Loving Father must exist

Let all creatures drink their fill of
Joy at nature's loving breast
Paths of roses bring both just and
Unjust to her happy rest
Friend in life and death she's proven
Wine and kisses she's outpoured
On all from the lowly worm to
Cherubim before the Lord

Additional verses:

Joyful like the stars and planets
In the splendid sea of space
Glorious like the conquoring hero
Run, my brothers, run your race
As the truth in light and wonder
smiles on they who seek to know
up the slopes of hills of virtue
Joy would have us e'er to go

Hear it in the songs of angels
See it in the empty grave
On faith's lofty summit, feel it
As it makes its banner wave
World, can you percieve your maker
Millions, will you come bow down?
High above the heavens seek Him
O'er the Stars he may be found

Joy, the greatest motivator
In God's endless, grand design
Joy the force which powers all parts
of the vast machine of Time
Buds it calls forth into flowers
Suns from dust it calls to be
Outer space it moves in ways which
Telescopes may never see

Strive on bravely, all you millions
For a better world, strive on!
Know that God will yet reward us
When we've Home to Heaven gone
Come forth, poverty and Sorrow
And rejoice with all of Heav'n
Vengance, Anger, be forgotten
Deadly foes, come be forgiv'n

No one can repay the Father
What beauty like Him to be
Tears of pain shall flow no longer
And remorse we shall not see
Records of misdeeds forgotten
All the world be reconciled
From His throne above the Heavens
God shall judge with mercy mild

Joy is bubbling in our glasses
Which the blood of grapes hath blessed
Deep despair drinks deep of courage
Cannibals drink gentleness
Brothers, stand and lift your glasses
Unto Heaven raise a toast
Lift your glass to the Great Spirit
Myokodon, Holy Ghost

He whom stellar clusters honor
Whom the seraphim sing praise
In the Heavens, the Great Spirit
Unto Him your glasses raise
Help where innocence is weeping
With resolve and bravery
Till all sinners be forgiven
And Hell gone from memory