Don't Turn Him Away

Patiently, tenderly pleading,
Jesus is standing today
At your heart's door
He knocks as before
O Turn Him no longer away.

Don't turn Him away.
Don't turn Him away.
He has come back to your heart again
Although you've gone astray.
O how you'll need Him to plead your cause
On that eternal day!
Don't turn the Savior away from your heart.
Don't turn Him away.

Gracious, compassionate mercy
Brought Him from mansions above,
Caused Him to wait
Just outside your gate
O yield to His wonderful love.


Can you not now hear Him calling?
Do not ill treat such a friend.
Give up your sin,
O let Him come in!
Lo! He will be true to the end.


Now is the time to receive Him.
Grant Him admission today.
Grieve Him no more,
But open your door
And turn him no longer away.