It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Willis / Otter

It came upon a midnight clear
The night the prophets foretold
When angel choirs sang through the night
While shepherds watched their fold.
"Peace on the Earth, good will to men"
They heard the angels sing
"For in a stable in Bethlehem
Is born to you a king."

A gift from Heaven was giv'n to man
The gift of God's own child
So that the world, though steeped in sin
May yet be reconciled
Unto the Lord who unto man
His glorious mercy did bring
By Jesus Christ, His holy Son,
Our prophet, priest and king

Forsaking glory out of love
The blessed Jesus Christ
Gave all He had to sinful man
To be our sacrifice
And bleeding, dying on the cross
He bore our suffering.
In thanks we give our hearts to Him
And unto Him we sing

For conq'ring death He rose again
The glorious Lord of Lords
And by His hand the darkened Earth
Will one day be restored
E'en so, lord Jesus, come again
The kingdom of Heaven bring
While saints and angels sing the praise
Of Christ, our risen king!