Christian Furry Fellowship 

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IRC Help

Thank you for wanting to visit the Christian Furry Fellowship.
This page should have instructions to guide you in setting up your IRC client of choice to connect to the network on which we are hosted. Connecting with a local client on your device offers the ability to keep logs of services, as well as many other features.

Please take note that if the user name (or "nick" name) of your choice is occupied or registered by someone else on the host server you should choose another nickname. You can do this by typing "/nick your_new_name_here".

Port: 6667
Channel: #cff

Links to some recommended clients for various platforms:
Android - Yaaic, AndChat
OSX - Colloquy
Windows - mIRC
Cross Platform - Chatzilla, HexChat, irssi
Multi-IM clients that also use IRC: Trillian, Pidgin, Kopete