Captain Kayrok Fireseed
The central character. Although his official title is chairman, as he is currently the highest ranking official in the nation, he prefers to be called Captain to emphasize his closeness with the troops. Kayrok learned very early on that treating others with kindness and respect was the surest way to win their steadfast loyalty. Kayrok has taken the blame for the failure of the battle of Devil's Strand and was punished with command of the Omega company, a band of misfits and rejects.

Sujan son of Flinz
The second in command of the Omega company, Sujan is a sociopath, incapable of emotion. This makes him a brilliant strategist, but highly lacking in compassion or sympathy.

Mayor-general Jun Thunderfire
Leader of the underground community of Moondark, Jun is the only spellcaster in the Omega company. He is a pacifist, yet will readily engage in a battle of words when his ire is roused.

Mayor-general Onju Fjordstorm
Leader of Spiritfell, Onju was made a pariah in the lutin army because of his religious zeal for the self-sacrificing god called Vertarbna, or the scarred one. Onju is known to have dreams about the future and his prayers are often requested by Kayrok, as they get results.

Mayor-general Jora Bonetwist
Jora operates the Singing Pony trading post. His greatest passion is for music, and he plays a variety of musical instruments.

Sergeant Grad "Oof" Hardbite
Oof is the leader of the Western Company, an omega company which preceded Kayrok's. He is a bit clumsy, as his name suggests, but he is resourceful, and has kept his men alive in very difficult circumstances.

Mayor-general Ruku Fivemount
Scrawny but highly intelligent and clever, Ruku rules the city of Mountainshade.

Gerf Stonespire
A simple idiot with rare insights that sometimes inspire others to brilliance, such as his discovery that steam can be harnessed to create motion.

Sytet is a werebat who has served Kayrok since the battle of Devil's Strand. He comes from a tribe of werebats known only as "the colony". His decision to serve in the lutin army has earned him the title of traitor among werebats, who consider themselves above ordinary goblins.

Booli Fireyes
Booli loves animals and serves as the stable manager at Camp Dimtorch.

Dimtorch Bearfin (Deceased)
Though not terribly intelligent, Dimtorch was quite brave. He was killed by an overdose of magic-polluted water from the lake at Devil's Strand. Camp Dimtorch was named in his honor.

Urik Moonscream
Bitten by a werewolf in earlier years, Urik was given a treatment which didn't quite work. He does not turn into a wolf, but when the sun goes down, he changes into a random animal each night. Urik is married to the unicorn Mara and owns a magical necklace which lets him take the shape of a unicorn when he wears it. The change is superficial, though, and he remains a lutin within.

Doctor Hornbeam Burningsun
A medic, but also a very talented taxidermist, Hornbeam is known for his ability to make useful objects from animal remains, from tools to furniture.

Doctor Gitch Krakkenweed
A talented herbalist. Gitch's knowledge of medicinal plants is unparalleled among lutins.

Angu Stabsmany
An effeminate cross-dresser, Angu's greatest wish is to be a woman. This has not diminished his skills or fighting spirit, however, contrary to what many strangers have assumed, to their regret.

Barga Vinestrangle
Assumed by many to be weak because she is female, Barga is anything but. Barge is a full-blown warrior who can easily best most men in battle. Unfortunately, she has few other skills.

Zin and Zan Icetooth
Zin and Zan are a split personality. Zin tends to be quiet and upbeat, while Zan is more negative and combative.

Fugu Snakefang
A brilliant inventor, Fugu is responsible for the invention of the steam engine which has allowed the connection of the many federated communities.

Tripe Flamestorm
A fast runner easily identified by his shaved head, Tripe was a highly rebellious youth when he was impressed into the army. Only his loyalty to Kayrok has made him a decent soldier.

Foxtooth Flamestorm
Tripe's best and lifelong friend, Foxtooth shared the same rebellious attitude until he found his place in Kayrok's company.

Redfoot Carnak
A gifted runner and spy, Redfoot is also highly competent at wilderness survival.

Norebo Ironfoot
A strange, mysterious individual, Norebo is a master of disguise.

Gilbert "Pip" Warbleplug
A half-gnome hobgoblin, Pip has led others to believe he is a midget by using herbs to turn his skin green.

Splim Rockhead
The company cook, Splim runs a highly successful restaurant in Mountainshade.

Azpat Darksun
A psychopath with a cherubic face, Azpat is a skilled poisoner. He has a weird ethical code, however, and will never poison someone without some sort of warning. He considers it a game. All around him have learned to sniff their food and drink for the telltale scent of almonds.

Splin Skyreach
Born with the power to talk to plants, Splin's power is one of the group's weirdest assets.

Udge Shardfall
A philosopher with extraordinary intelligence, Udge is also a bit of a detective

Qlin Mankiller
Archivist and historian, Qlin is obsessed with humans.

Mipo Burnstar
The camp's sanitation officer, Mipo is a clean freak.

Rugi Lye
A skilled and knowledgable thurge, or maker of magical objects, Rugi is completely deaf. He communicates by reading lips and responding either in writing or with hand gestures.

Thnad Shardfall
Thmnad's deepest desire is to be an animal. He wears the tail of a dire fox everywhere, even to bed.

Zib Bloodborne
Hyperactive and highly annoying, other lutis avoid him.

Brul Ironfoot
Known for his strong sexual appetite.

Tiro Darksun
Horribly fat when he arrived, Tiro has gradually slimmed down and realized his potential as a soldier.

Mumbor Riverby
Plagued by allergies, Mumbor is usually miserable, and tends to take it out on others. He's also a devout atheist and makes the most of opportunities to practice his religion.

Brang Riverby
Well meaning but weak-fleshed, Brang is the unfortunate victim of narcolepsy.

Wisp Carnak
Little is known about Wisp, except that he stinks.

Ispar Omen
A member of Sergeant Oof's troop, Ispar makes people very uncomfortable.

Foon Mankiller
From Sgt. Oof's team, Foon is a mutant who generated powerful electric charges.

Pythonus Mountainshade
Former ruler of Mountainshade, now a prisoner forced to work in the mines, Pythonus was a tyrant who ruled by making everyone think his sword possessed the power to destroy souls and prevent ascencion to Stormhaven.

Other Goblins

Chief Pentagruel Iceheart
Leader of the city of Rider. Half-ogre. Unlike his ancestors, Pentagruel is a man of peace. Honor is his highest ideal.

James the Nilbog
Given a human name by the other nilbogs to demonstrate their loathing for him, James has the power to suphon strength from them with just a touch. Because nilbog health works backwards, his touch has a healing effect on normal creatures.

Chief Lo-Mahle Tragso
leader of the village of Anhunger, Lo-Mahle is a man of honor who feels himself indebted to Kayrok and the lutins for freeing his people from an all-consuming hunger.

Umba Blue
Umba is a powerful psychic with impressive telekinetic powers.


Lord Disappointment Gravelsong
Known as Point to his friends, this cyclops works as Kayrok's personal servant, having predicted his own death in defense of his employer.

A giant from the north, Alnatak and his brother, Alnalam, came south looking for work. He does not speak the common language well, and struggles to be understood. Alnatak is large, even for a giant, standing almost twenty-one feet tall, and his strength is unrivaled.

Brother of Alnatak, Alnalam is slightly more intelligent and considers himself the better-looking of the two. He is not as strong as Alnatak, but he is a little faster.

Count Wallace Dupris
Human leader of Sky Valley, Dupris is one of the few among his people capable of using magic, which he uses to feed his people. Descended from the exiled count Adam Dupris, he hopes to one day restore his ancestor's honor.

Eladne Hart
A human from Sky Valley and friend of Mara.

Mayor Smallbeard Gauntlet
Leader of the dwarves and mayor of Cephas, Smallbeard was the first dwarf to be gainfully employed by Kayrok. He is married to Fairmeadow, whom Kayrok and a team of commandos rescued from slave mines to the east.

Mayor Ravenpelt Marble
The dwarf leader of Refuge, married to a lutin named Thistle. Ravenpelt is the foreman of pass excavation and answers directly to Smallbeard.

Mayor Mikel Greenstar
The head of the gnome city of Solace, Mikel jokes that his people think he's a beggar and give him handouts with which to buy drinks.

Bess Gauntlet
The goat.