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Webcomic U. - Oren Otter

# 14


Sorry but due to the outage, we're still putting some things back together. Thank you for your patience.

Our Newest Features:

  • Whiteout
  • Lutin Chronicles
  • The Transformation Parlor
  • Beach Bears
  • Already Defeated
  • S.A.M. The Upbeat Robot

Upcoming Features: Manifold Crisis - Stay tuned for news! This looks like an adventurous one.

Project Broken Moon update: Phases Websonics are recieving some love, getting some HTML5 players in! Still in progress, so bear with us while we try to get it right!

Webmaster note: Many parts of this site are under gradual reconstruction. Please excuse the sawdust.

Oren Otter wishes to publicly thank Xyie Fourseasons, whose hard work has made the renovation of this site a reality.

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