The hero of our story was just an ordinary guy going about his business on planet Rigas. If one can consider being the son of the planet-wide military leader ordinary. Since the Astruchin invaded, he's been just trying to keep his floating head down and avoid notice as he scrapes by on scraps from day to day. During his time hiding in the woods, Akon has become a rather proficient archer.

A small, flying creature known as a brunkle, Nirk is Akon's tiny friend for life. He joined Akon when the tierune dug him out of a mound of rubble. Nirk is able to fly and fire a tiny laser from his mouth, making him a very useful team member.

Zenra is a Kobos, a midsize carnivore known for venturing from the wilderness into the city to hunt small prey. Akon rescued her from some astruchin who were beating on her for fun. She followed him home, and as soon as she'd been fed, promptly ran away. Zenra later rescued Akon from an astruchin, and they have been together ever since.

A self-proclaimed freedom fighter, Arys is a no nonsense type who seems to be a stranger to concepts such as forgiveness and mercy.

Nest 616 Egg 42
Akon's prisoner. This astruchin had his death ray organ removed by Zenra, rendering him a cripple in the eyes of the astruchin, meaning he would be destroyed if he went back to the hive, and is now dependent on Akon and his companions for survival.

Sergeant Salk
The army hero, Salk joined up with Akon to save a group of children from becoming sandwich filling.

The Flark