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2        3  4             
  5        6  7
1213      1415       
18    1920     


  1. Special modifier which Malaku added to his transformation spell
  2. Doc Zannik is doing this as he fights Aardvark.
  3. Bob the Platypus is after this item in Nova Scotia.
  4. Malaku used an urn as one of these.
  5. Beth's father was turned into this in Room For One More.
  6. Rashad the Excitable caused this to blow up.
  7. Condition imposed on Nimfield due to Nadger Plague
  8. This cured Stony's theriomorphosis.
  9. Sadie is attempting to return this thing, trapped in a magic collar.
  10. Adjective describing Byrd's disability
  11. This creature tried to sell Artic cookies.
  12. Adjective used by Chuckles to describe his favorite knight


  1. Before relinquishing her soul, Sadie gives this to Oren.
  2. Beings made of three seemingly disconnected parts
  3. Oren comes up with some weird ones for German class.
  4. Name of Taji's Flato
  5. Bonzai recently discovered she holds this title.
  6. Species of Byrd's parents
  7. This student at Webcomic U. wishes she had a mouth.
  8. Name of budgie reporter in HALO
  9. Harv was naming this magimal when he ran out of alphabet.
  10. The Garment Duo is seldom seen without
  11. Prince Farron lost his finger to this.
  12. Rashad was seen eating this in the boiler room.
  13. Tommy just found one of these inextricably attached to him.

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