Easter 2009

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6      7    89 
10  111213         
14  15                   
18      1920  2122


  1. Last of the 11 to believe Jesus was alive
  2. The way an easter egg is cooked
  3. easter Eggs are usually delivered in this way.
  4. Day of the week Easter falls on
  5. Candy known to contain antioxidants and trigger the release of endorphines
  6. The centerpiece of any basket is the chocolate...
  7. Current state of Jesus' tomb
  8. Used as a cushion for easter eggs in the basket
  9. Hebrew holy day which pressaged the crucifixion
  10. traditionally, the easter Bunny's first name.
  11. Tiny, fruity confections


  1. Shout of joy
  2. "Reach hither thy finger, and behold my..."
  3. usually the first thing to go on a chocolate bunny
  4. Easter morning ritual
  5. "He is not here, but has..."
  6. "A spirit hath not flesh and... as you see I have."
  7. One of the traditional animal symbols of Easter, and symbol for Jesus as well.
  8. These guys claimed to have fallen asleep at Jesus' tomb. Yeah, right!
  9. Receptacle for easter goodies
  10. Known for their creme eggs and clucking rabbit
  11. This was rolled away from Jesus' tomb.
  12. Traditional meat of the Easter feast
  13. Marshmallow chicks
  14. Jesus first snack after His ressurrection was fish and...

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