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  1. Anders' complete wardrobe
  2. Sister Gertie wears one of these. Sister vera generally does not.
  3. The Nadger Plague strikes this part of the anatomy.
  4. Charles perkins wears this around his neck.
  5. Oren considers this his "pastor's uniform"
  6. A garment worn over the tail, short for "tail-sleeve"
  7. Frye usually wears one of these.
  8. Aldershot wears one of these
  9. Paul Barnabus has no need of these.
  10. Briarwood wears this on her face.
  11. Sir Fluren wears this around his neck.
  12. Meant for hair, Amanda sometimes wears one on her tail.
  13. The cloth of choice for Challenger


  1. In an emergency, Plastic has been known to make a suit out of this.
  2. Kitty Hotep's covering
  3. Critter-Man wears one of these.
  4. Taji Sato always wears two.
  5. Gorsky always has his face hidden by this... no relation to the villain.
  6. Red, Nicky and Kiki all wear these.
  7. Katherine Puss sometimes replaces her collar with this.
  8. Also called a dashiki, it's Oren's favorite style of shirt.
  9. Doctor Seal can remove the form he is not in as this garment.
  10. Morrison is always losing his.
  11. Tommy's favorite kind of pants
  12. Jinki's shoes convert into these.

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