Christmas 2008

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1      23          4
6    7    8          9         
15                  16 
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  1. _____ for Christmas: A webcomic charity benefit
  2. Amanda asked Santa for peace on Earth. Immediately, this guy was captured.
  3. The Santa of Venus
  4. The bat frokm Santa's workshop
  5. The Fluffles won't see Santa's workshop. They're at the wrong this.
  6. Rabbi Coon celebrates this AND Christmas.
  7. A food dish which made a handy crib in a pinch
  8. The third of the three kings sauces may also be consumed as this.
  9. He's the Santa for planet Procyon
  10. Oren learned that Donder has a light upon his ____.
  11. Oren's favorite egg drink
  12. St. Nick has a soft spot for these travelers.
  13. In Australia, Sata's sleigh is pulled by six of these white critters.
  14. PJ once got a sleigh full of these by mistake.
  15. The santa of planet Xequephez, which Zuni can't pronounce


  1. If it's outside the bird, it's...
  2. If it's inside the bird, it's...
  3. They may have done old Tom Turkey in, but thanks to Tom's foresight, there would be...
  4. The flavor of the second of the three kings sauces
  5. The flavor of the first of the Three Kings sauces
  6. Chef Gregory made these cookies in Pandora's Kitchen
  7. Another name for the wise men, or three delicious sauces
  8. In one episode of TF&F Help Desk, one of these was turned into a cookie.
  9. One Christmas, Amanda came down with this contageous disease.
  10. Santa Oren delivers these once every July
  11. in Australia, this holiday tradition might be used for a barbecue.
  12. The first Santa Claus' real name
  13. Eckert's list did this to Santa
  14. An elf's most distinguishing feature
  15. the rat from Santa's workshop

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